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Dancing Virginia Police Officers Make ‘Lip Sync Challenge’ Video Viewed By Millions (2 Videos)

Norfolk Virginia Police Dept. Lip synch challenge (Frame grab)

The Norfolk Virginia Police Department’s lip sync to ‘Uptown Funk’ has gone viral. Tony Spitz has the details. [Note: the unedited 4:40 version is at the bottom of the page]

A video showing officers with the Norfolk Police Department dancing and lip-syncing to the song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars has become a hit on social media.

On Facebook, it has been viewed roughly 28 31 million times.

According to officials with the Norfolk department, the singing competition started when the Corinth Police Department in Texas did a lip-sync video of Miley Cyrus’s song “Party in the U.S.A.” and challenged other departments, including Norfolk’s.

Cpl. William Pickering, a spokesman for the Norfolk department, told the Virginian-Pilot, “It was like, ‘All right, we know what we’ve got to do now.’ ”

The Norfolk department’s video shows more than three dozen officers in uniform, dispatchers, firefighters and other support personnel dancing and singing in office hallways and past rows of cubicles.  Continue reading

From the Norfolk Virginia Police Dept Facebook page: 

YOUR WAIT IS OVER!!!! The Norfolk Police Department was challenged by the Corinth Police Department, Texas to a #lipsync battle and we gladly accepted. As you can see we all had a great time filming the video, which we have to point out was done in #onetake#NorfolkPDis challenging Seattle Police DepartmentNorfolk Constabulary, Virginia Beach Police Department, and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (OFFICIAL) Thanks for watching!!!!

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Video by Norfolk Virginia Police Dept. on Facebook.

Video by Buzz60/Tony Spitz[/vc_message]