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Creative Ways to Make Money While Social Distancing

Creative Ways to Make Money While Social Distancing

Coronavirus has brought a lot of change to our lives, and many people are now faced with more free time—and less work—than they want. Fortunately, modern technology and innovation have given us endless opportunities to make a little extra money while we’re stuck at home. From helping students study remotely to picking up new hobbies, there’s plenty of ways to pass the time and earn a little side income. Check out these creative ways to make money while social distancing.

Turn Your Creativity into Cash

This is a stressful time, and many people have turned to creative outlets to take their minds off things and release some of those negative emotions. Whether you’re knitting scarves, crafting jewelry, or painting masterpieces, you can turn that artwork into a side income by selling it online. Marketplaces such as Etsy make it easy for you to open your own craft store and get your products out to buyers all over the world. Plus, with more people shopping online now that they’re stuck indoors, you can make more money than ever with an online store.

Lend Your Tutoring Skills

From elementary schools to universities, many schools across the country have closed their doors for the rest of the year. This means hundreds of thousands of students are doing their coursework from home, which creates some lucrative and useful ways to make money while social distancing. You can offer your writing and editing skills or help someone study for an upcoming exam in your favorite subject area. Whatever your academic skills are, there’s a student (or their parent) out there who can benefit from some one-on-one lessons.

Start a Beekeeping Hobby

Did you know you can purchase everything you need to become a beekeeper online? This might seem like an unusual hobby to pick up, but it’s the perfect way to spend time outdoors this spring. Plus, there are many different ways to make money with beekeeping. It might take a little time, but while you wait for a fruitful honey harvest, you can enjoy the satisfaction of caring for some of nature’s most important creatures. You don’t have to practice social distancing with your honeybees, so set up your hive and look forward to that sweet, homemade honey—and the extra cash you can make from selling it. Plus, beekeeping is an investment that can keep making you money even after the call for social distancing ends.



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