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COVID-19: Your Guide To Financial Assistance From Ford (Video)

With so many losing their jobs or being laid off for an indefinite amount of time, you may have questions about your existing car loan or whether or not you can afford a new car.  Each automaker is coming up with a variety of ways to assist during the pandemic and I’ll break the important manufacturers down for you in a series of videos, this one is focused on Ford…

Ford calls it Built to Lend a Hand and it encompasses all of their efforts to assist during the pandemic.  Focusing on customer needs, Ford is encouraging those who are struggling to make their current car payments to call Ford Credit.  Whether you purchased or are leasing, you may be able to change a payment due date or delay a payment.

And if you’re considering a new Ford and finance through Ford Credit, Ford will make 3 months of payments for you.  Additionally, you’ll have the option to delay your payments for another 90 days.  This applies to new 2019 and 2020 models excluding the all-new F-Series Super Duty.

Ford has also enacted new disinfection procedures for their dealers laid out by the CDC for cleaning both new and loaner vehicles.

They’ve also incentivized for their dealers the delivery of new vehicles to customers for the months of March and April so that buyers can stay at home for the end of their transaction.  Just over ¾’s of the dealers are participating with remote vehicle delivery for sales and service.

By TestDriveNow Auto Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.comApril 6, 2020

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