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Considering Moving To Canada? Meet Your Dream-Makers


Moving to Canada is a dream for many. Who wouldn’t love the idea of living in a country that embraces all without prejudice and provide lots of exciting opportunities?

However, despite loads of immigration opportunities offered by Canada, the entire immigration process can seem cumbersome, especially for someone going through such a process for the first time. Therefore, it’s often advised to use a Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Who is a Canadian Immigration Consultant?

Also known as RCICs, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are registered organizations that seek to help people easily migrate to Canada. They acquire the license to operate from the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). This is one of the things to look out for before using an immigration consultant to avoid being swindled.

An example of a Canadian Immigration Consultant some are legit and have a good reputation, while others don’t have the best reviews, such as Canada IMS company.

Those RCIC companies offer a wide range of Immigration consultation services, including immigration assessment, Canadian work permits, study visas to Canada, family sponsorship, among others.

Why use a Canadian Immigration Consultant?

Simply put, they help facilitate your immigration to Canada by taking the burden of the process off you. Other reasons you use them include:

  1. Working and operating license

You should be careful when dealing with an immigration agency when searching for a Canadian visa. Whenever possible, avoid falling victim to individuals who may exploit you.

When you work with an RCIC, you can be sure the person has an operating license, approved by the IRCC. In other words, using an RCIC guarantees you that your consultant keeps to a high standard of professionalism and ethics and provides a helping hand to you as you go through the whole process with ease.

  1. Detailed understanding of the Canadian visa system

When it comes to visas, the whole process can be quite complex, especially when it comes to getting approval. An RCIC’s greatest strength is its familiarity with the visa process. A professional licensed in the field will be familiar with the latest policy changes as well as requirements for licensing. As a result, you won’t be wasting any effort, money, and time to submit and comply with the requirements.

  1. Continually communicate with your employer and the Canadian Immigration Authorities

RCICs have connections with Canadian Immigration authorities, so this is yet another reason to work with them. Additionally, your agent can take care of business with your employer. Having this advantage can be very helpful to you.

We all know how arduous and time-consuming it can be to get in touch with government agencies. In order to achieve the best result, these jobs should be left to an RCIC.

  1. Taking care of all requirements and paperwork

A lot of documentation must be completed and submitted when you plan to immigrate to Canada. The process is time-consuming, requiring hours of paperwork, filing, and submitting forms. All these compilations and filings must be correct and timely. You can rely on your RCIC to take care of all these important aspects, which will facilitate the entire process.

  1. Creating a customized immigration strategy

One of the best things about an RCIC is that it will apply a personalized strategy to your immigration case. The immigration representative understands your goals and will help guide you to an effective strategy to get approval and not get stuck in Canada’s complicated visa application system. The person will guide you through the whole journey while planning to meet your deadline requirements and expectations. Depending on your situation, they may even help you develop strategies you hadn’t even thought about.

It’s always great to get some help with Canadian Immigration by working with a registered Canadian Immigration Consultant. The expertise and years of experience they have will come in handy in your application. Plus, they are registered with the Canadian immigration authorities, so there are codes of conduct that they have to adhere to.

Whether it’s your first time applying for any of Canada’s numerous visa programs or you’ve had several shots at it in the past, getting a registered immigration consultant on board might just make all the difference.