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Common SEO Mistakes That Every Business Should Avoid


Google keeps changing its algorithms on how businesses will rank on the search engine. In addition to it, with the constant evolution of SEO methods and changes in consumer behavior, it becomes difficult to stay updated on successful optimization techniques.

When SEO is executed incorrectly, then recovering becomes time-consuming and difficult. In this article, we are going to share a few proven and quite widespread SEO mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Failing to Learn About the Audience

Targeting the entire population reduces the effectiveness of the SEO marketing campaign. Not just it takes time and resources, but also consumes a lot of time to execute. To prevent such a condition, a business needs to identify who its target audience is and focus its strategy on them.

Faith Based Events

The right SEO implementation that will generate desired results requires knowing the audience at the granular level. A holistic understanding of customers helps mattress and box spring queen businesses get relevant insight into periodic buying trends etc.

Stuffing Keywords in Product Descriptions

Another mistake that is widely seen in businesses is that they insert a lot of keywords when describing the features of a product.

Google doesn’t support keyword stuffing practice and identifies it as an unethical black hat SEO technique. Do not use irrelevant keywords and repeated phrases throughout the content in an unnatural manner.

Unoptimized Structure of The Website

The user experience of an e-commerce site plays a significant role in SEO. One of the qualities of a good website is its simplified navigation, and structure. Complicate and unclear navigation annoys buyers and reduces their chances of returning to the business.

Due to a poor user experience, Google does not rank those sites well on its search engine results page.  Thus, a business should organize the product by dividing it into categories, and subcategories. Furthermore, organize the internal linking structure to let Google Bots and users efficiently navigate through the website.

Focussing on Building Text

Many such businesses still consider the text as the main priority. They overlook the potential of images and videos to attract more customers to the website.  Videos are not just easy to comprehend and create more engagement, but it also takes less time to get ranked on a search engine than what a text takes to rank.

Failing to Focus on Branding

SEO is a great way to generate traffic and also to build a brand reputation in the business. A lot of businesses focus so much on implementing the various SEO strategies, that they forget to work on improving their brand image.

As Google favors brands, if you want to get success in the SEO game, then you will have to portray your business as a trusted and profitable brand.  Thus, focusing on improving the brand should be on the priority list of the business.

Not Mobile Optimized

Another common mistake that businesses do is that they do not optimize their website for mobile viewing. This is essential because a lot of buyers these days use their smartphones to surf the websites, compare their services, and buy the product.

A website that is not optimized for mobile is considered unfriendly for its customers. Thus, you need to create a website that is responsive, quick to load, and optimized for mobiles. In this way, a business can tap into the mobile traffic, and enhance its visibility in the market.

Absence of The Right SEO Plan and Roadmap

From small-scale and medium-sized businesses to large-scale enterprises, several businesses struggle to either develop or implement their SEO strategy. Building an efficient and sustainable SEO strategy is critical.

It depends on several factors such as PR, website, product, content, engineering, and IT. The organization needs to be well-trained in SEO best practices.

By being well acquainted with these challenges, a business can avoid them in their marketing efforts to a considerable extent.