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Clothing Items Every Man Must Own Before Turning 30

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Turning 30 may feel like a big step for some men. When men turn 30, they may sense for the first time that they are turning into a “real adult.” That can be intimidating, especially if you don’t feel like you have earned that title. But sometimes, you need to look the part. By purchasing these clothing items every man must own before turning 30, men can feel more confident in their place in life.

A Blazer

Blazers are an excellent middle ground between formal and casual dress. Since the United States is becoming more and more informal every year, blazers are more vital than ever. By the time a man reaches 30, he should have at least one in his closet. Blue and black blazers are the safest options, while khaki blazers are excellent for outdoor events.

An Expensive Wristwatch

Regardless of how often he wears one, an upscale wristwatch is still among the clothing items every man must own before turning 30. Special occasions call for some flashiness. Men should add something classy and eye-catching to their wardrobe during celebrations. It’s a sure-fire way to get compliments.

A Tailored Suit

There are so many reasons to consider purchasing a tailored suit. The bottom line: a man over 30 needs one. They need it for job interviews, funerals, religious events, and many other occasions. Preferably, it should be a navy or gray suit. Although it may be tempting to buy one off the rack that “fits enough,” a man should have his suit fitted by a professional tailor.

A Sturdy Pair of Boots

Men need boots in their fall and winter wardrobe. A solid pair can protect their feet from the water and cold. Boots also come in handy when they need to do some labor-intensive work. All men should get their hands on a pair before turning 30 to protect their feet during heavy or difficult work.