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Choosing the Best Stainless Steel Work Tables

If you care about the modern and aesthetic design, then stainless steel work tables won’t disappoint your visual expectations, delivering a great elegant look and adding a beauty component even to the busiest restaurants.

A durable and made to last stainless steel prep table is indispensable equipment for any commercial space (restaurants, bakeries, bars). However, there is a solid choice, and all mentioned above inconvenience is possible to solve with the help of stainless steel work tables of different configurations, including:

  • a work table with mounted shelving for stacking all items for easy and instant access
  • four casters for boosting table’s mobility, enhancing simpler cleaning, and preserving your flooring
  • a welded-in-hand sink for optimizing washing and rinsing activities
  • drawers for keeping all often used items and tools within the reach
  • under-shelf for overcoming the issue of space efficiency

Key features of stainless steel work tables that are important to consider when buying

Stainless steel will not interact with prepared food, retaining its delicacy and fragrant smell without spoiling the quality. This type of metal won’t absorb unpleasant odors, it repels water and excessive moisture easily, the acidity of products won’t impact the integrity of the surface. Moreover, it is completely safe and hygienic, preventing germs from spreading and harmful bacteria from growing.

The non-porous top is an ideal choice for commercial intensive applications. No dirt, dust, food particles will be trapped since cracks formation is not about stainless steel. With regular and proper care, it will impress you with such properties, as stain-resistance and the ability to withstand different temperatures without deforming. It will preserve food quality, eliminating the risks of foodborne illness.

To obtain all the benefits, there is a couple of tips when selecting the right prep table:

Types of stainless steel gauge. Of course, the most hardwearing stainless steel is the thickest one. Thus, the 14-gauge table can handle heavy use and will not deteriorate, scratch, or bend under the big weight of kitchen tools and appliances.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, you may invest in cheaper alternatives of 16-gauge or 18-gauge that are less thicker. However, be sure to make a well-informed decision since, for example, the last option of a stainless steel work table (18-gauge) is not intended for all meal prep tasks, and, probably, it will be susceptible to crevices and dings.

Food-grade stainless steel. There are two common types of food-grade steel: type 304 and type 430. Which one to pick? Both of these options meet all the required criteria to be deemed the safest solution for food storing or cooking. However, 304-grade is more rust-proofing than 430 and is perfect for operating in high humidity. But 430 is less expensive and with the appropriate maintenance can also last long enough.

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