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Choosing a Proper Leaf Blower


The blower is a simple gardening tool, yet making a choice may be a difficult task. The device is safe to use and easy to work with. You can read all about the useful functions of the device on electrogardentools

Source of Power

You can choose gasoline or electric models of a leaf blower. Gasoline items are powerful enough, but they are noisy and have a strong smell. When it comes to electric tools, they are more environmentally friendly. They also don’t make as much noise as gasoline models. However, their power is inferior to that of gasoline blowers.


There are three typical modes which different kinds of this machine provide. The first is blowing when the airflow moves debris in the direction specified by the operator. It allows you to collect cones, leaves, packages, branches easily and quickly in a heap. This is a classic blower mode.

While in the suction mode, the airflow draws debris into the unit and directs it into the bag. It is ideal for clearing leaves and other small materials. Suction is the standard mode in the vacuum cleaner.

Grinding (mulching) is similar to the previous mode, but in contrast to it, it reduces the size of the sucked-in waste by grinding it. It minimizes the container’s contents, and the litter itself turns into fertilizer material or mulch. A vacuum cleaner with this function is supplied with sharp knives.


The blowing speed depends directly on this parameter; therefore, the performance of the blower. It is measured in watts (W) for an electric motor or horsepower (hp) for a gasoline engine.

The more powerful the device, the higher the airflow rate and the efficiency of the shredder. With an increase in power, the price, dimensions, weight, and noise of the unit increase as well, as electricity/fuel consumption.

Operation Time

This indicator characterizes the autonomy of the blower. The operating time of gasoline units depends on the fuel consumption and the volume of the fuel tank. The working time of electric (battery) models is influenced by power consumption and battery capacity.

The large capacity of the tank and the battery prolongs the operating time, but at the same time, the dimensions and weight of the device increase, which reduces the convenience of use.


The battery is a convenient option because the gardener does not need to select and buy it separately. At the same time, not every standard battery is suitable for the needs of a particular user.

The shoulder strap provides comfortable blower operation and comfortable operation.

The bag collects debris collected by the vacuum cleaner. The volume of the grass catcher is 20-200 liters. The compact bag is lighter, larger, and more spacious and does not need to be emptied as often. A small waste bin will work as it will fill up slowlier for a model with a chopper function.

An electric blower may be suitable for small areas as it is more environmentally friendly and does not make noise. If you need a higher performance tool, the petrol models are worth looking for.


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