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Chocolate Milk Was First Used As A Medicine

Chocolate Milk Day

Across the country, folks enjoy a tall, frosty glass on National Chocolate Milk Day which is observed annually on September 27.

Invented by Hans Sloane in the late 1680s, today chocolate milk can be purchased premixed or it can be made at home with either cocoa powder and a sweetener or with melted chocolate, chocolate syrup or chocolate milk mix.

While Sloane was in Jamaica, he encountered a beverage the locals drank made with cocoa mixed with water. After trying it, he reported the flavor to be nauseating.  After some experimentation, Sloane found a way to mix the cocoa with milk to make it more pleasant tasting. He brought the chocolate recipe back with him upon his return to England.  Now people enjoy this delicious drink every day.

  • An Irish physician named Sir Hans Sloane is the inventor of chocolate milk. He brought back his chocolate milk recipe with him back to England from Jamaica, where it was manufactured and sold as medicine.
  • Chocolate milk can boost calcium and vitamin D, which research shows is important for preserving cartilage and joint health.
  • Research has found that cacao actually contains antibacterial agents that fight tooth decay. The problem is that the things that are added such as sugar and milk can still cause cavities.
  • Drinking one large glass after you work out will boost muscle growth and speed recovery.


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