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Champix Varenicline Offers Path to Giving Up Smoking


Smoking presents a risk factor for most ailments and organ dysfunction, especially when it becomes an addiction. For instance, smoking can lead to lung cancer by obstructing the trachea and the tiny alveoli present in the lungs. It could also lead to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disorders like inflammation of the bronchi and emphysema.

Smoking increases the risk of having cardiovascular disorders, such as cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction, and heart failure. It could also trigger a crisis in asthma patients. This habit can cause cancer in almost any part of your body be it the bladder, colon, cervix, esophagus, pancreas, and stomach.

Ending your smoking habit might not be achievable in just a day. However, your health condition will improve appreciably as well as your lifespan as soon as you stop.

To stop smoking, not only do you need to have a firm resolve to quit the habit and handle the withdrawal effects of abrupt nicotine stoppage, but you also need some anti-smoking drugs that can aid you in breaking free from the terrible addiction. One of such medications is Champix Varenicline.

Quitting Smoking with Champix Varenicline

  • What is Champix Varenicline?

Champix Varenicline is one of the most potent drugs that can aid in quitting the smoking habit. It helps people struggling with nicotine addiction. It can aid in eliminating the urge for smoking and mitigate the withdrawal effects that may occur. Signs of smoking withdrawal include longing for tobacco, irritations, aggression, sleep disorders, depression, mood swing, nervousness, inability to concentrate, irregular heartbeat, elevated appetite, or increased weight. However, some smokers might not feel the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

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  • How should you use Champix Varenicline to quit smoking?

There are several ways to quit smoking using Champix Varenicline as the medication. For instance, you can select a date to end the smoking habit. Mark down this date and set a reminder.

Start to use Champix Varenicline about a week to two weeks before you reach the set day for quitting. Pick a date that you will quit smoking between one week to a month of commencement of the medications. Mark this date and note it somewhere to remind you constantly. Should you slip-up and smoke, attempt it again. After that, start using Champix Varenicline.

Lower the number of cigarette you smoke daily in the first month, reduce them by half again the next one month. The intention is quitting smoking on the final day of the third month of your treatment time, and this is what marks your quit date.

  • What precautions should be taken?

It is essential that you inform your physician or pharmacist about those drugs that you are currently using, not leaving out over-the-counter, non-prescription, or herbal medicines before the usage of Champix Varenicline.

Talk to your pharmacist before using any new medicine together with Champix to ensure there are no severe contraindications.

Again, it is advisable that you do not take another nicotine withdrawal drug together with Champix Varenicline. Using other smoking cessation medications alongside this medicine has been proved to trigger nauseating feelings, anti-peristalsis, tiredness, unconsciousness, food indigestion, and hypotension as opposed to using nicotine replacement therapy alone.

Ideally, diabetic patients who smoke usually require more insulin because smoking lowers the quantity of insulin uptake by the body system from a hypodermic intravenous injection. Should you have diabetes and you’re considering nicotine withdrawal by quitting smoking, you might later need to cut down your insulin dosage. Speak to your physician about this.

  • How does Champix Varenicline work to aid nicotine withdrawal?

Champix has Varenicline as the most prominent ingredient and acts by stopping the actions of nicotine in the body system. The human body has receivers for nicotine in the brain. Upon the inhalation of cigarette smokers, nicotine latches on these receivers. This transmits electric impulses to various sections of the brain to secrete a chemical substance known as dopamine.

Dopamine offers a sensation of pleasure which fades away after a short while. The body intends to keep this sensation flowing, and this is what sustains the craving for nicotine. It is agreed that Champix Varenicline acts by activating these receivers and stopping nicotine from coupling with the receptors. This drug contains no nicotine, and as such, it isn’t addictive.

  • What things should you consider when trying to quit smoking?

An excellent withdrawal approach focuses on both the short-term difficulties of quitting smoking and the more serious task of precluding a relapse. It should be tailored to your particular needs and smoking patterns. Sit down and reflect on your smoking pattern. What are the emotions and activities that prompt you to smoke a cigarette? This will help you in determining the methods and medications that are ideal for you.

Do you smoke heavily? Like a pack of cigarette in a day or more? Or do you smoke anytime you find cigarette? Will it suffice if you substitute with nicotine? What are the actions, locations, or persons that encourage you to keep smoking? Do you have the urge to smoke after eating or during your free time? Do you take a smoking cigarette to spite depression or to ease off stress? Or perhaps you only smoke as a result of your addiction to other substances like alcohol?

These are some of the first questions you need to ask if you want to quit cigarette smoking.