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Categories Of Slot Machines On Online Casino


Online slot machines are not just famous for their simplicity. Several other factors make them even more accessible and lucrative. It’s effortless to make a tremendous amount of money from playing online. Several gamblers are always looking into advancement in their mode of play. Depending on the slot game and theme you’d love to play, there are various categories you can choose from. Perhaps, you are a newbie in the online gambling community; it’s very much easier to locate the slot machine as it’s unique in appearance.

There are different types of slot machines in online slot games, and the mode of play depends on the platform. If you are looking for an outstanding platform to play slot games, visit casino genie to choose any slot game of your choice.

Some categories of slot machines include

  • Classic slot:

These categories of slot machines are those with three-reel slots. They primarily have fruit themes with limited paylines. These classic slots are some of the first types of slot machines in online casinos. They are quite simple to play as they have little to no specific features. The paylines on this category of slot machines are not more than five. 

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  • Mobile slots:

Advancement in technology now allows you to play slot games on your mobile phones. With compatibility with both IOS and Android, you can access any online casino platforms of your choice to play slot games. However, you might need to download a third-party casino app depending on the platform you are playing from.

  • Video slots:

Here’s another exciting category of slot games. The video slot stands as an advanced classic slot. More than the classic slot, the video slot offers exciting features such as more interesting themes, exact and precise graphics, impeccable soundtracks that align with the theme and more paylines when compared to the classic slot. More paylines means more chances of winning. 

  • 3D slots:

From the name of these categories of slot machines, you can tell their characteristic features. These slot machines are designed with outstanding 3D graphics, which enhance the appearance of the theme. The 3D slot is primarily an augmentation in the graphical dimension of the game. This category is such that it gives gamblers the same thrills of playing slot games in an on-land casino. 

  • Virtual reality slots:

VR slot machines are the latest technological advancement in the gambling community. It’s one such that you can access your favorite online slot game from the corners of your home. With your VR headset, sensor devices and other VR-compatible devices, you can enjoy all the thrills of an on-land casino. One of the advantages of VR reality slots is that you get to see the 3D reality projection of yourself in an on-land casino while, in reality, you are just in your comfort zone. The VR slot games put you in the center of the whole action while you also get to converse with other players simultaneously. You can play slot games for real money using the virtual reality slots the same way you play other online slot games.

  • Progressive jackpot slot:

The progressive jackpots are one such that it has a very high volatility ratio which depends on the percentage deducted per round on every game played. An example of a high progressive jackpot could have millions of dollars to be won. On most online casinos, every player playing online slots always aims for the jackpot, and the more games played, the more the jackpot increases until it’s won. However, there are local progressive jackpots that differ from the wide-area progressive jackpot. The difference between these two types of jackpots is the amount each of them is worth. However, irrespective of the amount each jackpot is worth, it’s still very much different from other categories of slot machines on online casinos.

Playing progressive jackpot slot in online casinos often require a larger bankroll as the rate at which you lose your money could be faster or slower, depending on the bankroll. Suppose you are willing to minimize your earning, to stay on a safer side. In that case, it’s advisable to play progressive slots with low-medium volatility. This will give a good compromise between your return and risk level.

Slots machines remain the most popular and most played online gambling games on online casinos. They have a very high engagement rate as most gamblers play less complicated games with a very high payout rate. The online slot machine is the best game that fits in this category. It requires little or no technical experience. You need to find an excellent platform to play slot games.