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Casino Royale, Mr Lucky And Rounders Top The List Of Gambling Movies

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If you are an avid gambling movie fan, then no doubt, you will know each of these films inside out, with all of them having a distinctive plot that helps to set them apart.

Perhaps arguably there is one that jumps out which could be classed as the most recognizable, due to its affiliation with the globally identifiable James Bond franchise – that of course is Casino Royale.

Also, what might also leap out is that each of these was released some years apart from each other, though in a study undertaken by New Casino Sites, these three movies; Casino Royale, Mr Lucky and Rounders all came in first, second and third respectively.

Casino Royale

In what can easily be described as the most notable movie, this cemented itself in the first position with 87 percent – a figure which combined statistics from a number of different reputable sources.

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Regardless of the plot, James Bond movies have established a reputation over the decades for attracting people in their millions with dedicated fans all over the world. It means that, naturally, Casino Royale already had an obvious consumer base who knew vaguely what they could expect from this latest (at the time), James Bond installment.

Where they might have attracted others is with the fact that it had a prevalent gambling element throughout it. In fact, it is regarded by some fans as the best Bond movie due to it being more original than others in its plot.

Mr Lucky

Ranked second place in the survey, this is an incredible achievement for a number of reasons, but one which sticks out in particular. It was released in 1943 and has still stood the test of time.

A combination of a great plot and good cast, including the magnetic screen presence of star turn, Cary Grant has made sure that this gambling movie that has a number of different other themes is still as popular today as it was when it was first released.

Grant’s character takes up the role of someone impersonating a charity gambling cruise ship owner who sets out to fleece the unsuspecting guests, though ends up unintentionally falling for a charity worker which begins to question his morals, in what is a nice, feel-good romantic comedy. The fact that it is as popular today, even among younger generations is definitely a testament to the strength of the writing.


Released in 1998 and starring a young Matt Damon and the irrepressible John Malkovich, Rounders finished in third place with 85.50 percent, narrowly missing out to Mr. Lucky. Filled with suspense, this is about a reformed gambler who returns to playing poker in order to help a friend pay off loan sharks while studying for a law degree at the same time.

Despite perhaps not having the strongest link to gambling in its title, there is an obvious theme of gambling throughout and the implications of the plot itself, means that it keeps you hooked throughout.