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Carnival Cruises Device Anticipates Your Wishes (Video)


Carnival Unveils Highly Personalized Concierge Services through Ocean Medallion™

Royal Princess, Leaving Southampton 9th June 2013

Carnival Corporation,  the world’s largest leisure travel company with 10 global cruise line brands, unveiled the Ocean Medallion™, a first-of-its-kind wearable device that will deliver a new level of personalized service not previously considered possible on a cruise ship– including sophisticated wayfinding, food and beverage on demand, an array of interactive gaming, personalized entertainment experiences and more. The quarter-sized, 1.8-ounce disc can be accessorized with jewelry, clips, key chains and bands or simply carried in a pocket or pocketbook.  The device, laser-etched with the guest’s name, ship and date of sailing, is provided to all passengers at no cost.

Powered by proprietary technology developed by Carnival Corporation that features an Internet of Things (IoT) network of intelligent sensors and experiential computing devices, the Ocean Medallion revolutionizes guest service not only for the cruise industry, but the broader vacation industry.

carnivalOcean Medallion was officially introduced by Carnival CEO Arnold Donald on January 5 at CES, the world’s largest annual consumer technology trade show.

The Ocean Medallion goes well beyond the growing number of wearables used by theme parks and other vacation companies by leaving behind the required action of “tap” and ushering in a new paradigm for guest interactions.

Some of its benefits will:

  1. streamline and expedite the port embarkation and disembarkation process
  2. allow guests to access their staterooms as they approach the door (no keycard required)
  3. locate friends and family around the cruise ship
  4. enable guests to purchase merchandise without any transaction, cards or paper
  5. deliver enhanced dining experiences based on food and beverage preferences
  6. power an array of interactive gaming and immersive entertainment experiences
  7. significantly enhance interactions with crew members and guests

carnivalThe Ocean Medallion pairs with an optional personalized digital concierge called the Ocean Compass™, a digital experience portal available online, on smart devices, on kiosks in home ports, on stateroom TVs, on interactive surfaces located throughout the cruise ship and on devices carried by all guest service hosts.

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