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A Card Game To Rehab Your Relationship (Video)

A new card game created by a Naples businessman is claiming that it can help couples discover the secret to falling even more in love (or back in love) with each other.

About six years ago, real estate executive James P. Schlimmer needed a way to help his best friend through some marriage troubles—he and his wife were struggling to communicate healthily and productively.

Schlimmer came up with a fairly simple way to change the couple’s relationship for the better. He decided to write and number questions such as, “What was the funniest moment of your relationship?” and “Describe the last time you were proud of your partner,” on a legal pad of paper to correlate with a deck of cards laid out in the middle of a table.

Playing the game helped the couple stop bickering, and start remembering why they fell in love in the first place. At the end of the evening, his friend’s wife told him “I feel like we went to Rehab, you know, couples therapy.”

James P. Schlimmer and Ashley Chaffee

It wasn’t until Schlimmer mentioned the game to his girlfriend, sports marketer, Ashley Chaffee, that the idea turned into something they could sell—and that people would actually buy. “It was obvious to see that a couples game that had the flexibility to be played at home dinner parties amongst friends, with in-laws over the holidays, or even one-on-one over a bottle of wine, didn’t exist,” said Chaffee.  And that’s how their card game, Rehab-a couples release™, was born.

How does the game work?

There are 52 cards: 48 cards with questions on them and four “social cards” that give the players time to clink glasses, or even share a kiss. Whether you’re looking for a relationship fix, or you just want to get to know your partner in a deeper more meaningful way, Rehab-a couples release™ is the bridge to bring you closer.

Chafee says “Rehab-a couples release™ forces couples to look each other in the eyes, and genuinely interact.

Rehab-a couples release™ is available online for $17.95 at www.RehabGamingUSA.com.

SOURCE Rehab Gaming USA


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