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Alachua Car Accident Statistics Show Need For Highway Improvements


Earlier this month, seven people were killed in an explosive crash on I-75 in Alachua County. The tragedy is proof that improvements to safety can no longer be deferred. Over two years ago, a special task force consisting of officials from Marion County and other nearby regions offered suggestions on how to improve Interstate 75 and reduce traffic congestion.

The most recent data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows there were 3,112 traffic fatalities in Florida.

Many considered the recommendations reasonable. The modifications included expanding the highway accommodate truck-only lanes. Several view the crash as undeniable proof that improvements to the interstate can’t be delayed any longer.

FIRES (Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System) is a website that’s run by an organization on behalf of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. It serves as a repository of compiled data from traffic crash reports filed by law enforcement agencies. In 2018, 608 accidents were reported by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and the Alachua Police Department combined.

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Traffic Accidents Are on the Rise 

The number of annual car accidents has been rising since 2014. The number of fatalities on the road has been rising at a commensurate rate. There are many causes. Some federal and city officials believe there should be more strict enforcement of drunk driving and seat-belt laws because, in some states, not wearing a seatbelt is not a reason to be pulled over. Also, the speed limit has gone up as high as 15 miles per hour in many locations across the country.

Government officials may have merit to their argument. Approximately 50% of car accident fatalities involve someone who was not wearing their seat belt. About 33% of fatal car accidents involve a motorist who was driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Speeding must also be taken into consideration. A research report from the University of Alabama notes that total vehicular crashes rose less than 5%, but fatalities rose by 25% leading one to believe speeding is the central problem.

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People already deal with the traditional causes of mishaps on the road such as eating while driving, talking on the phone, or interacting with other passengers in the vehicle. When you combine all those distractions with the bells and whistles that come standard in new cars and trucks, it’s no secret why more people are getting into accidents.