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Can You Learn to Play Piano Online? (Video)

Can You Learn to Play Piano Online
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In the 21st century, anything is possible thanks to the internet. In the past, learning a musical instrument used to require taking sit-down lessons with a trained professional. Now, individuals can conveniently teach themselves with online classes.

Websites that provide people with resources such as live or pre-recorded video lessons are quickly growing in popularity. As a result, professional piano lessons are more accessible than ever. The appeal of such online learning sites is largely due in part to the flexibility that they offer. Unlike traditional sit-down lessons, these websites allow people to learn on their own time, wherever and whenever is most convenient for them.

As online learning becomes more popular, aspiring musicians can now choose from various tutoring websites. Some of which come from legendary pianists, such as Chuck Leavell—the keyboardist for the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and The Allman Brothers. On his site, irocku.com, people of all skill levels can use the free resources and private lessons to develop their musical abilities.

“Using rock songs as a foundation, our goal is to provide our students with a comprehensive musical education, comparable to what you would expect from classical training,” Leavell said. “We want IROCKU students to develop the dexterity and finesse of a classical musician, the spontaneity of a jazz artist, and the rhythms and licks of a rock star.”

Due to his incredible talent and impressive resume, it’s not surprising that many people have asked Leavell how to learn to play the piano like him.

“I have had enough requests from various sources about learning my style and technique, so I decided to investigate how best to do that,” Leavell revealed. “My partner, Howard Citron, contacted me about the idea of doing an online instruction, and IROCKU was born.”

While Leavell has taught private lessons to a select few since 1990, his busy schedule has made it difficult to spread his knowledge on the subject. As such, he said having an online site such as IROCKU makes it easier to teach his playing style to a broader audience.

This new era of online learning could mark a huge change in the music industry—sparking a new generation of musicians who received training from the greats themselves. These websites could raise the bar for future musicians, as more people will have access to the methods and skills of legendary musicians.