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Can Diabetics Eat Watermelon?


 Like all fruits, watermelon contains plenty of natural sugar. While watermelon is usually safe for someone with diabetes to eat as part of their diet, how much and how often they can do so depends on several factors.

People with diabetes are aware of the need to educate themselves about the right kinds of foods to eat to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Eating a diet high in fruit and vegetables is advisable, but fruit contains natural sugars, and so it can be confusing to work out how much a person with diabetes can eat.

A single cup of diced watermelon contains about 12 grams (g) of carbohydrates. The American Diabetes Association recommend up to 60 g of carbs per main meal and up to 20 g for snacks.

There is not a simple “yes” or “no” answer about whether fruits, such as watermelon, are healthful for people who have diabetes. In this article, we look at the nutritional and health benefits of watermelon, as well as other factors a person with diabetes should consider.

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