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Can Cannabis Help Us During Quarantine? – Opinion

While walking my dog earlier I was wondering for things we could do while we stay in our homes due to coronavirus (COVID1-19). The funny thing is that it is actually been more than two weeks that I haven’t stepped out of my house and it is really getting boring.

Watching TV, reading books, spending a lot of time with family, these are some things that most of us do right now. Earlier, I was scrolling through my iPhone and a cannabis marketing ad appeared on my screen. Then I wondered if smoking some marijuana could be fun during these hard quarantine times. The answer is simple. Yes! Marijuana can be great during the quarantine.

Should you experiment with CBD?

The main reason why many people prefer CBD is because it does not have psychoactive effects. CBD is a chemical component called cannabinoid that can be found in a marijuana plant and it is great to treat stress and anxiety. Which sounds perfect for quarantine.

It actually is used for relaxation as well. There are different methods to take it. You could inhale it via smoking, via tinctures and oils that could be added on food and drinks, or maybe applying it directly under the tongue.

Are there negative sides?

Well, some people start smoking weed and then they become dependant. There are no chances of getting addicted to marijuana since you cannot overdose. Researches say that cannabis can reduce symptoms of negative affects in short term but continued use may increase changes of depression over time.

Is it preferable to smoke while coronavirus is around?

Well, some experts have recommended avoiding vaping or smoking since coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. COVID-19 causes shortness of breath and coughing in patients. Therefore, smoking or vaping could make you more vulnerable.

But, doctors say that coronavirus cannot be transmitted through the air. However, if you decide to vape or smoke, make sure you clean your goods and always use only yours! Or maybe buy new ones. You can find these products all over in America and Europe, such as CBD in Switzerland.

Furthermore, since smoking, while coronavirus is around if you want to take the safest way, you should take marijuana via eating. Edibles, tinctures or topicals are a great option!

Granit Mustafa

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