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#BSOcial Looks At Video Tech Ron Lowther

BSO’s Audio Visual Technician Ron Lowther has worked with everyone from Steven Spielberg to Sheriff Israel.

In his free time, Ron is producing a documentary about the 756th Tank Battalion, a military unit once numbering over 700 troops that saw brutal action in both North Africa and Europe during World War II. He plans to give back 50 percent of the proceeds of the film to veteran’s charities. Ron sought out and interviewed 20 remaining members of the battalion. These men, now in their late-eighties to mid-nineties, all wear two hearing aids due to their time in the thundering metal machines. Capturing their stories is helping to salvage a history that is being lost to time.

“I am here to share the story of these veterans with the world, along with a visual history never told before up close and personal,” says Ron. “Try to imagine what it’s like to be in a Sherman tank and firing that first round out of the cannon; that’s the experience I want people to take away –I want people to feel, taste and smell what it was like.“

Ron’s job at BSO takes him to every part of the agency. On a given day, he could be working on a special undercover operation which requires his expertise, or filming a video like the #Runningman challenge.
When he comes to work, Ron is professional and committed to the agency’s success.

“My job at BSO is to always show the Sheriff and the agency in the best light,” says Ron.

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