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Brown Sugar Cookies (Video Recipe)

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Cinnamon brown sugar cookies

Brown Sugar Cookies prove that fabulous results can come from the simplest recipes. Don’t get me wrong, I love extras on my sweet desserts— chocolate chips, nuts, icing, sprinkles— you name it! But sometimes, I just want something pure and simple. These fit the bill perfectly.

Now, don’t mistake simple for boring! Every bite is loaded with a delicious blend of molasses, butter, and spices.

The molasses, butter and brown sugar make the perfect blend for some soft and chewy cookies. Also, the toffee like flavor these add to the cookies, combine so well with the earthy cinnamon and nutmeg.

The spices are definitely optional, but they make the cookies more festive, so its totally up to you if you want to add or skip them.

The firm dough is excellent for cutting into fun and festive shapes. A must-bake dessert for the holidays. I also love wrapping these up in boxes as gifts!

What is brown sugar?

It’s crystalline sucrose (your basic white granulated variety) with molasses added for flavor and color. Depending on how much molasses are added in, it can range from light to dark.

It’s a touch more flavorful than the white variety. In general, it tastes like toffee or caramel.

You can totally DIY from scratch. Mix two teaspoons molasses per one cup of white granulated. That’s it, and it’s ready to be used in recipes.

How to make brown sugar cookies?

  1. Prepare the oven. Heat to 350F. 
  2. Brown the butter. We’re browning the butter to get that complex, nutty flavor. Take 10 tbsp from the amount indicated in the recipe. Melt until brown, then pour into a bowl along with remaining butter.
  3. Mix dry components of the dough. Whisk the dry ingredients along with some of the sugar.
  4. Make the butter mixture. In the bowl with the butter, add the rest of the sugar and mix there are no lumps. Follow with the egg and extra egg yolk. Mix in the pure vanilla extract and molasses.
  5. Form the dough. Put the dough together by stirring dry ingredients into the butter mixture.
  6. Shape. Use a cutter to cut into desired shapes, or roll into balls. Dust the surface with cinnamon sugar. 
  7. Bake. Bake only until they begin to set, which can take around 12-14 minutes.
  8. Serve. Cool on a wire rack before serving or storing.

Brown sugar cookies variations:

  • Top with icing: make it extra delicious with cinnamon icing, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, or vanilla icing
  • Use white sugar: you can sub white in place of brown, but note that the results may not be as chewy
  • Top with toffee chips: just after baking, press some toffee chips, caramel chips, cinnamon chips, or white chocolate chips onto the surface
  • Add texture: top with sprinkles or crushed nuts for a bit of crunch 

How do you make sugar cookies soft and chewy?

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