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Broward School Supt. Runcie Ducks Blame For “Lost” $2.5 Million, Then Takes Junket

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Roibert Runcie

What did Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie do after announcing this week that he can’t find $2.5 million missing from the school police budget?

He didn’t admit responsibility. He didn’t take the blame.

Instead, Runcie hightailed it to St. Petersburg for a junket.

He is there for a three-day program at Eckerd College’s leadership Development Institute. Runcie bills the lesson as a “leadership/teambuilding event with the Cabinet”– the grandiose name Runcie bestows on his 10 top administrators.

Faith Based Events

Those 10 went along for the ride. And the free food. And the free drinks. And the free everything else.

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