Broward Democrats Boss Cynthia Busch Feels ‘The Bern’


The acting chief of the Broward Democratic Party Cynthia Busch seems decidedly out of step with Broward Democrats.

Broward Democrats voted 72.5 percent for Hillary Clinton in the March primary. Bernie Sanders got 26.48 percent.

Busch is running this week to be a Sanders delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer.

There is nothing wrong with Sanders. He has tapped into genuine concerns about the increasing inequality in our country. Busch has the right to back who she wants.

That said, it is interesting her viewpoint is so different from the overwhelming majority of Broward Democratic voters who went to the polls in the primary.

Here is a link which explains the process for picking delegates in Florida, plus the locations where any Democrats can vote May 5 and May 7.

By Buddy Nevins,, for, May 2, 2016