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BLADE Is First Scheduled Private Jet Service Between NYC And Miami

Updated February 8, 2024

­­­­­­­­By Terri Lynn, SouthFloridaReporter.com, Managing Editor, Nov. 30, 2015 – If you think flying first class is a joy, wait till you experience what it is like to fly private, like a rock star.

A flight on a private jet is filled with pure luxury, comfort and convenience.  Forget about arriving hours before departure, taking off your shoes and being barked at by TSA agents.

However, flying to your destination on a private jet does have one draw back. The price tag.

Starting this week, Flyblade, Inc. (“BLADE”) will launch BLADEone, a weekly, 12 passenger, by-the-seat jet service between Manhattan, Miami, and Palm Beach.

Blade JetPass:

Blade Urban Air Mobility’s JetPass marks the first time it has offered a fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet card.

Better known for its helicopter and medical flight services, Blade was already selling on-demand charters on fixed-wing aircraft. However, those flights were priced dynamically trip-to-trip.

JetPass gives a fixed route price of $18,000, plus 7.5% federal excise tax, on a midsize jet with at least six seats, all of which are yours to use. Best of all, pets are accepted, something that isn’t universal with jet card programs, and there are no extra fees unless they cause damage. You can upgrade as available to a super-midsize jet for $7,000 or a large cabin jet for $12,000.

Apples and Oranges

BLADEone’s inaugural flight begins on Thursday, December 3rd in time for Art Basel. Scheduled flights between Manhattan and Miami (and Palm Beach) will operate through spring 2016.

L0CSWqsenG98i69diLmauu4iqKSRx1J72euODl453i8,maLMNeHAxfV9iy2QpEPEoUd50blivvysOmIzyi4uKTk,hsXBpje3y911KF_vsOvNJc1H1rXPsIMH23yWrXzjcFMPassengers depart by helicopter from one of the lounges in Manhattan, and are whisked by helicopter to their jet that awaits them at Westchester County Airport.

How Much?

Each one-way ticket is approximately $2,200 and includes the helicopter connection to or from Manhattan. All BLADEone flights are operated by JFI Jets.

G_dP1AotXr20WJNCrl1UP-n03SwLOpp3c5ongRDYBZEAccording to a recent press release,BLADE CEO Rob Wiesenthal stated, “By starting the BLADE experience in a helicopter, BLADEone enables travelers to avoid traffic to airports by landing straight at the steps of an awaiting Gulfstream IV.”

“Bundle that with thoughtfully designed and professionally staffed BLADE lounges in New York and Miami’s Opa Locka Executive Airport, as well as a top-notch in-flight experience, and you have a product that frequent travelers have been desiring for quite some time,” he added.

It’s all in the Details!

Tamara Mellon, who, together with BLADE, designed a fresh interpretation of flight attendant uniforms.

Passengers will dine on cuisine created by noted chef and restaurateur Todd English either on board or prior to departures from BLADE’s private Miami lounge.

Additionally, in-flight entertainment includes personal iPad Pros pre-loaded with a selection of curated films specifically chosen for BLADE by the Tribeca Film Institute. Master & Dynamic headphones will complete the experience.

Commensurate with the launch of BLADEone the company will be opening the first ever private lounge at Miami’s Opa-Locka airport. The BLADE Miami lounge is the largest yet in the BLADE network, where travelers will enjoy ample space for work, relaxation or dining ahead of any departing flight.

In addition to a full bar, the BLADE C/X team will be serving specially crafted Casa Dragones Tequila cocktails and BLADE’s signature rose. For passengers in need of hydration after a weekend in the sun, BLADE’s Penta water is also available.

Upon arrival at the Opa-Locka BLADE Lounge, passengers can immediately continue on to Palm Beach via helicopter. The Opa-Locka lounge will also be the departure point for crowdsourced and charter flights within Florida, Bahamas and any Caribbean destination.

BLADE is the leading mobile application for aviation, enabling consumers to easily create flights or book seats for crowdsourced helicopter, seaplane and jet travel between the New York area and popular regional destinations. Co-founded in 2014 by former Sony executive Rob Wiesenthal and tech entrepreneur and Microsoft executive Steve Martocci, the company also launched BLADE Bounce, an on-demand helicopter transfer charter service to all New York area airports with guaranteed departures in as little as 20 minutes.

BLADE started in 2014 and offered only helicopter and seaplane to northeast summer destinations such as the Hamptons and Nantucket for its 50,000 users until now. Crucial to its success was an unparalleled pre-flight customer experience, the ability to book on a per seat or crowdsource basis as well as a highly visible and effective brand proposition that had never been achieved before in short-distance aviation.

BLADE is not a direct air carrier. BLADE acts as an indirect air carrier for public charter flights from New York to Miami, with charter flights operated by JFI Jets or other qualified airlines. Please refer to the operator-participant agreement at www.flyblade.com for details.

To learn more, visit us at www.flyblade.com or @flyblade (Instagram) and @flybladenow (Twitter)


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