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Best Version Media – The Keys to Great Employee Reviews

Glassdoor is a site which has struck fear into many companies because it allows the employees of those businesses to anonymously review their experience.  The reason why so many companies are worried is because they know that the staff will not speak highly of them.

Best Version Media is not one of those companies, in fact it is quite the opposite and the Best Version Media reviews are absolutely outstanding. Best Version Media is an international publishing company who print and create magazines for niche industries and communities. In having such great online reviews they are able to attract the best applicants when there are jobs available.

Here  is why their reviews are so good, perhaps this may inspire you to change how your business operates.


Faith Based Events

This company has a brilliant policy when it comes to vacation time for their staff and personal time as well, which employees absolutely love. Unless it is an extreme case then the company will be incredibly flexible with their staff in terms of giving them some days off, late starts or early finishes. In doing this, the company has made sure that the staff are not only happy because they can still meet all of their responsibilities away from the workplace, but that they are also more than happy to step up when the company needs them.


The very minimum requirement which most staff have is that they want to feel valued by their employer, they want them to know a little about them, appreciate their work and ultimately they do not want to feel like a number.

Best Version Media has regular team meetings where everyone is included, discussing what the business is doing and making sure that they feel connected to the company.

When you have valued staff you not only get great reviews, but you will also see far greater output and a higher standard of work.

Celebrate Success

Something which many ex- and current employees at Best Version Media will talk about is the fun and positive atmosphere which the company has and much of this comes from how they celebrate success. Far too often we move the goal posts when someone achieves something within the business, expecting even more from them next time. There is nothing wrong with challenging your workforce in this way of course but you must stop for a second and celebrate the success which they have had. In doing this you can help to incentive the workforce, keeping them happier and making sure that the business continues to perform well.