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Best Survival Tips for a Camping Trip


Everyone loves to go hiking and camping. It’s the best way to connect and create a closer bond with nature as well as with yourself. Many people find camping fascinating and joyful in being so close to nature.

Camping sounds exciting and fun when you read about it or see a TV show. However, surviving in the woods, mountains, or other environments can be really tough, especially when you’re doing it for the first time or don’t know much about outdoor survival skills. Yes, you have to rely on your stuff and skills rather than technology.

From selecting the right backpack, equipment to planning and packing the right things, there are tons of things that you should consider before going on an outdoor adventure. Many companies like Rustic Sportsman offer the best camping equipment and accessories. You can buy batteries, medical kits, flashlights, sleeping bags, and many more things.

Professionals or people who go camping more often know very well how to prepare for the unexpected and to stay aware of their surroundings. So if you’re also thinking about hitting the mountains or embarking on your longest hike, you have to know basic surviving skills and tips.

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Below is a list of seven things that you should bring or know before going on camping or hiking.

1. Plan

Always make a proper plan and decide where you want to go camping or hiking. Do deep research about the place and that too in advance. This will give you proper time to prepare yourself and pack the right things for the trip. Also, tell your friends or family members about your trip. Walking alone can be a fun experience, but it’s always best to tell someone about your plans in the case of an emergency.

2. Invest in a Good Backpack

The most important thing in camping is the Backpack or the camping bag. We highly suggest buying a good and sturdy backpack. This will not only keep you well organized but also be good for your health if you’re planning to walk for hours. So, buy a waterproof bag with many pockets. Make sure that it is comfortable to carry.

3. Check the Weather

Before heading out, check out the weather for not only that day you’re going out but also for the upcoming days. According to the climate, pack your stuff and, if necessary, carry extra layers or even a waterproof jacket for your trip.

4. Carry Plenty of Water

Water is an essential part of the camping journey. We can’t live without water, and during the camping trip, we can’t even buy extra water if needed. So, it’s better to carry enough fluids for your whole hike. Many people use a water hydration system, while others like to use reusable bottles.

5. Pack a First Aid Kit

Always and always pack a medical kit in your backpack. There are readymade first aid kits available that are made explicitly for camping; you can buy those or just make your own at home. Include things like a foil blanket, any prescription medication, a mix of fabric plasters, antiseptic wipes, pain reliever, sun cream, mosquito and bug repellent, and bandages.

6. Learn How to Start a Fire

There are fire starter kits available in the market as well as online, but still, it’s good to learn how to start a fire. You can cook your food on rock and build a fire using rocks and sticks. Try to find the dry and old woods and learn how to ignite a fire when you don’t have a fire starter kit.

7. Carry a Compass

Of course, you can rely on your mobile or any handheld GPS device for navigation, but if your battery dies or something happens to your device? What will you do in those conditions? That’s why always carry a small compass in your bag and learn how to use it properly. So that you’ll never get lost, or if you do, you can easily get back on your track.

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Spontaneous trips are great fun but don’t forget to remember these tips. Always carry all the essential things in your backpack. Also, carry a good amount of food, snacks, and water with you. You can also cook food and grill marshmallows and fish at your camping spot.

Whether this is your first time or 100th going camping, you can only enjoy fully when you carry the right things with you. So, keep in mind the above survival tips, pack your stuff according to that, and have a lot of fun.