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Best Rehabs In South Florida – Opinion

Addiction alters your brain by introducing patterns of drug consumption, which results in its dependence and afterward affects the way of living of the user and also individuals living around them. Therefore we can say that addiction is a primary chronic disease of brain motivation, memory,  reward and related circuit. Continuous use of substances may lead to early death or disability if not treated.


Sometimes people may be using drugs around you, and you may never notice, for example,  one may confuse teenage moodiness. These signs will help you identify substance users. 

APPEARANCE: People using substances are less concerned with weight loss and appearance thus, they dress untidily or even leave the house without showering. 

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FINANCES: For example, often, you may notice belongings are disappearing from the user’s home or even the need for money suddenly and urgently without an explanation. 

MENTAL HEALTH: Unwillingness to communicate, isolation, noticeably down or sad, and increased emotional volatility. 

Finding a drug rehab center

Addiction has affected a lot of families and people. Before choosing a rehab center here are a few things you should know to make the best choice of a rehab:

  1. All rehab centers are different. and therefore they provide various services and offer a different level of treatment. Because some specialize in specific areas of addiction. For example, some provide addiction recovery treatments and more encompassing. 
  1. It is essential to understand the programs that are available in rehab. For example, some offer one on one support and counseling sessions with a licensed and accredited life coach or specialist, others may offer group therapy sessions while others may not. 

It is a long term recovery, hence one should choose the most appropriate rehab center for compelling recovery needs.

Here are the best rehab centers in South Florida: 

  1. Detox of South Florida

Detox of South Florida is known to be the best rehab center. What differentiates it from other rehab centers is its unique approach to achieving successful completion and recovery from detox.

This rehab center focuses primarily on detoxification to enable recovering addicts to begin on a clean slate. Detox offers desirable attention to patients. and it uses a personalized approach to ensure a recovery that is comfortable and withdrawal free as possible. 

They provide high-quality treatment since they have available highly qualified specialists who are available around the clock to attend to the patients personally and also take care of any challenge that may occur. Due to these specialized services and treatments, their prices are slightly elevated. 

  1. Rehab of South Florida

Located West Palm Beach, this rehab is known for its excellent recovery facilities for severe to minor addictions, and it works with many coverage providers such as Aetna, TUFTS, united healthcare, and BlueCross BlueShield, among others.

Rehab of South Florida‘s mission is to reduce the high addiction rate, which is a challenge in Florida. They provide multi-faceted help to achieve sobriety and overcome addiction at an all-inclusive and affordable model of treatment. Their staff is amiable and provides a home-like feeling to the patients. 

  1. Aion Recovery

The philosophy of AION is to provide a supportive and safe environment where evidence-based treatment is administered throughout the procedure. In AION recovery, there are expert treatment opinions hence accommodates and offers treatments of all types. The patient experiences healing of body, mind, and soul through nutrition classes, group adventures; that is where patients go out with other recoveries and personal therapy sessions.

Dr. Vikram Tarugu

Author Bio: Dr. Vikram Tarugu, M.D, top-rated medical professional focused on addiction. A veteran in the medical field with over 25 years of professional experience. He is a consultant for many South Florida Rehab centers. Patients travel from all over the US to seek his help with addiction and Hepatitis C treatment.