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What Is The Best Position To Sleep In, According To Science?


Do you often wake up with aches and pains? Is a stiff neck and back prevented you from feeling truly rested?

We rarely consider the position we sleep in — for most of us it’s a habit we formed early in life and we simply can’t imagine sleeping any other way.

Extensive research into the impact of sleep position suggests that we might all benefit from assessing whether or not our chosen sleep position is truly ideal.

The Best Sleeping Positions – And The Worst

Before we get into details – here is an overview over the most common sleeping positions and how beneficial they are for your health.​

  • Best: Sleeping on your back
  • Ok: Sleeping on your side
  • Worst: Sleeping on your stomach​

Now let’s get into a bit more detail…

Why Is Your Sleeping Position So Important?

We spend a staggering 1/3rd of our lives sleeping — That’s a long time spent in a single position.Imagine spending half of your waking day with your neck bent at a slight angle: Are you comfortable?

Hours spent lying in an awkward position that does not suitably support the neck and spine, or exerts pressure on certain parts of the body undeniably has an effect on our body.

In fact, sleeping in an unideal position can significantly impact your health and general well-being.

NestMaven.com, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Mar. 18, 2017 

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