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Best Places for Extreme Sports in Florida

The state of Florida is best known for sun-kissed beaches and a tropical climate, making it an ideal destination for tourists, college kids on spring break, and retirees.

But more than its scenic coastlines, Florida also has a lot in store for people who want to take life to the edge. The state passes itself off as a paradise for extreme sports hobbyists. It’s only a matter of knowing where to visit.

Here are the top six places in Florida where you can enhance your vacation time and take life to the extreme.

  1. Blowing Rocks Preserve

While beaches make up much of Florida’s attractions, rock climbers can still find spots that will satisfy their thirst for risk. The Blowing Rocks Preserve in Martin County is thought to be the best climbing spot in the state. Located on Jupiter Island, the preserve boasts breathtaking natural scenery with lots of sea caves and diverse marine life. Despite its beauty, the preserve is no place for novice climbers owing to its complex features.

  1. Blue Lake

Located south of Sebring, Blue Lake is an attraction to behold, with its tranquil waters that sparkle like blue lemonade. It’s a pretty sight, but it also happens to be a top destination among wakeboarders. Professionals from all over the world visit Blue Lake as a rite of passage, being a venue for numerous extreme sports events. If you are planning to visit the lake anytime soon, you must come fully prepared with quality harnesses and sturdy wakeboard towers from aerialwakeboarding.com

  1. Empower Adventures

If you are in Tampa Bay, make sure you drop by Empower Adventures, which offers some of the best extreme ziplining experiences in the world. Made for the purpose of visitors to confront their fears head-on, the adventure park offers five zip line tours covering 400 feet to 650 feet for an unforgettable aerial experience that leads you through obstacles and amazing views of the park itself.

  1. Extreme Range Paintball Park

Why play Call of Duty when you can get close to the real thing? At the Extreme Range Paintball Park, you can put your inner soldier to the test in well-designed environments. From bunkers to sniper’s nests, the park has been an important venue for paintball competitions. Be sure to come equipped with enough padding because you will be squaring off with paintball pros who will show no mercy.

  1. New Smyrna Beach

To conclude this list of top venues for extreme sports in Florida, we head over to New Smyrna Beach, which has the best waves for surfers this side of the country. But what makes this spot in Volusia County so special is that its waves are a nightmare for beginners and a sweet dream for thrill-seeking veterans. Indeed, New Smyrna Beach is definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Extreme sports have a place in Florida. You just have to check out these locations yourself and be prepared for surprises. After all, you can’t go extreme without surprises, right?