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Unique Ways to Enhance Your Vacation That You’ll Never Forget

Many vacations appear similar on the surface, even if the destination is different. Most families rent a car, stay at a hotel and plan out all of the things they want to do while they’re away from home.

No matter where you’re staying, or whether you’re traveling alone or with a family, there are some unique ways you can enhance your vacation that you’ll never forget.

Rent a Vehicle That Isn’t a Car

It’s normal to rent a car when on vacation. It can be one of the best ways to get around, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way you can get around.

Consider renting something that isn’t a car. For example, did you know you can rent a motorcycle as long as you have your motorcycle license? It’s even better if you rent one and participate in a fun local event, like Daytona Beach Bike Week.

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Other kinds of vehicles you can rent include:

  • Bicycles
  • Segways
  • Campers
  • Limos

Skip the Hotel

There’s no denying that making a reservation at a hotel is easy, especially if you’re booking your hotel online at the same time you’re reserving your seat on a plane. However, staying in a hotel when you’re in an unfamiliar location isn’t any different than eating at McDonald’s instead of eating the local food.

Skip the hotel and stay somewhere else instead. At a bed and breakfast, you’ll be able to get to know your host, and they can provide you with personalized recommendations for things to do and places to eat. Not to mention, you’ll often enjoy homemade breakfast, special treats throughout the day, like cookies, and a homelike atmosphere.

If you’re traveling overseas, consider a hostel. You’ll get to know other travelers and save a lot of money. An Airbnb is also a great way to make a personal connection with a local.

Eat With a Local

You should avoid eating at chain restaurants while you travel and try and eat like a local instead. That might include eating at a popular food truck instead of a tourist restaurant or visiting the local farmer’s market in the morning.

Take things one step further by eating with a local. If you stay at a bed and breakfast or an Airbnb, your host may be willing to share a meal with you, but they may also be able to connect you with friends or family in the area who may be willing to invite you over for dinner.

If you are struggling to find someone to eat with, ask if you can join a few people who are eating or drinking at a local restaurant. Most people are willing to invite a tourist to sit down for a drink or a meal.

Plan a Picnic at the Park

There are a lot of activities you expect during a vacation. Going to museums, riding rides at theme parks, and eating at restaurants are the norm. Do something a little different and you’ll create memories you’ll never forget.

Planning a picnic is a great way to enjoy one day on your vacation. Make a few sandwiches or stop by a local farmer’s market on your way to the park. Then, spend the day enjoying the weather and the view. It’s a great way to slow down on a hectic vacation, and it’s a great way to check out a local park that you normally might overlook.

Don’t Plan Anything for an Entire Day

It’s normal for travelers to over-plan their vacation, but that’s no way to enjoy your time spent in a new place. You’ll spend more time worrying if you’re going to make it to that show on time or feeling disappointed that you ran out of time to go to the art museum instead of enjoying your vacation!

Instead of filling your day with activities, try the opposite—don’t plan anything at all! Get out of bed late, take a stroll around the neighborhood where you’re staying, and go somewhere on a whim. It’s a great way to feel more relaxed during your vacation, and it’s a great way to discover new things that you may have missed searching online before you arrived.

Turn off Your Phone

Many people leave their phones on while they’re on vacation simply because it’s what they’re used to. Unfortunately, many people are also used to answering calls and sending text messages, which means they aren’t living in the moment on their vacation.

Do yourself a favor and turn off your phone when you’re traveling. You’ll still have it in your pocket so you can make an emergency phone call if you need to, but you won’t be notified every time someone sends you a message or gives you a call.

Want to take pictures? Consider carrying a separate camera instead. That way, you aren’t forced to be distracted by your phone all day for a few snaps.

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

You will be doing a lot of new things on vacation, but many of those things really aren’t that new. For example, you may go to a museum that you’ve never been to before, but many museums are similar, so it’s not that unique of an experience.

Instead, do something you have truly never done before. It may require courage to drive a jet ski for the first time or dance at a festival with a local, but you’ll likely learn something new about yourself, you’ll grow as a person, and you’ll be left with a memory you’ll never forget.

The littlest things can have the biggest impact on your vacation. If you’re looking for the kind of experience that is unlike any other, follow the tips on this list, and you’ll enjoy the unique, one-of-a-kind vacation you’re looking for.