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Best Movie Music to Binge on this Summer


Any movie is incomplete without a set of songs or a soundtrack supporting the scenes in the background. And that is how we imagine it all in real life as well, looking out of the window during a drive, thinking of a song that would fit perfectly in the background. 

It’s human nature to associate music with movies, and hence all these movies have given us some of the best pieces of music we can think of. This also includes some of the original songs of famous singers that have been used in these movies that you can stream easily via taking help from these guides from ScreenBinge

Songs are the soul of every story, and they bind it all together, with the right beat, the right tune, and the perfect lyrics to which the viewers and the movie character can resonate. And so that you can experience it with us, we have listed below some of the best movies whose music you must add to your playlist this summer before you head on to your long vacation or a road trip with your folks. 

Birds of Prey

Want a boost of energy and some empowerment, head over to the soundtrack for Birds of Prey which is filled with some of the best power-packed songs on their albums. The Emancipation of Harley Quinn, along with her equally talented female-lead cast, is accurately described via its music, which feels like another lead character in the movie. Yes, it’s that strong. 

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Not really commenting on the movie and the story, but Fifty Shades handpicked some of the trendiest and aesthetically pleasing music for their movie, from Capital Letters by Hailey Steinfield to some super racy and teasing tracks by Nick Jonas. You’ll find it all, and let’s not forget the classic Love me like you do, by Ellie Goulding. Nothing beats that. You can binge-watch all these movies on Netflix easily. 

Trolls World Tour

An animated movie never really had that huge of a music fan base, but you’re wrong for this one. Trolls World Tour’s 20-song soundtrack is a mix of everything and appropriate for all age groups. Produced by Justin Timberlake, the songs contain appearances from SZA, Ozzy Osbourne, and many other singers. Trolls World Tour is readily available for streaming on Disney+


If you haven’t seen soul yet, then I recommend that you do; not only is the story of this one remarkable (the Oscar winner says it all) but also the fact that it promotes a somewhat underrated genre of music, Jazz. And no, the movie is not only consisting of Jazz music but has a variety of different tunes from Blues, Hip-Hop, and more. 

Bad Boys for Life

The third installation in the “Bad Boy” franchise where Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have re-united to create this exciting new piece. What supported the movie and the storytelling throughout the film was their music and upbeat banger, Ritmo (Bad Boys for Life) by J. Balvin and The Black Eyed Peas. 


If you are a musical fan, then this hit Broadway musical turned into a movie will be the best choice of them all. Hamilton proved to be one of the best things that ever happened to Disney Plus right in the midst of a massive streaming war. And it is one of the significant contributors to the success of this amazing streaming service. And the reason behind Hamilton’s theater and on-screen success is their over top musical performances, which were a breath of fresh air and as original as it could get, hence achieving numerous Pulitzer prizes and Tony awards

This list contains only a handful of favorites. There are countless movies and shows dying to make an appearance on the web just so people could be aware of their fantastic background scores and more.