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Best Chocolate Banana Bread [Video Recipe]

Chocolate Banana Bread is hands down one of the best banana bread that I have ever made. This beauty is LOADED with chocolate. I am not messing with you, every single bite is filled with glorious chocolate! Check out these Chocolate Banana Bread slices, you can see the huge chocolate chips!

If you have some brown bananas on hand, you basically have to run into the kitchen and make this, you can thank me later! So dramatically chocolaty that I just want to lock my doors, get some milk, put on Netflix and enjoy this all by myself! This homemade chocolate dessert is sweet, tender, aromatic, with chewy chocolate chips and crunchy walnuts!

Why you’ll love this chocolate banana bread:

  • It is rich and chocolaty this is a show stopper dessert.
  • Easy to find ingredients and minimal prep work and dishes to clean.
  • Perfect for brunch parties and for bigger crowds.
  • Also, very easy to transport if you have to take it to a brunch party.
  • It can be made 1 or 2 days in advance so you don’t have to worry about a last-minute dessert.

How to make chocolate banana bread?

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