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Best Chairs for Restaurants


Having a patio for your restaurant is a great asset. It allows for additional seating and customers are able to enjoy the nice weather with friends and family. While having a patio is great, there are a lot of factors that can either make or break its success. Even though they aren’t all essential, having a few of these items will make a positive impact on your restaurant’s revenues and reputation. 

Best Things To Have on a Patio

  • Comfortable Seating: Having comfortable seating throughout your restaurant is a must, but it’s even more important for the patio. Outdoor furniture isn’t always the most comfortable because it’s made from harsher materials than indoor furniture. The restaurant chairs you choose for your patio should be comfortable, stylish, as well as being weatherproof and durable.  

There are several different variations of patio furniture available, with the sizes, shapes, and materials you can choose from. Usually patio furniture is made from wood, metal, or wicker. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so do some research and be sure to use your space to it’s full potential. 

  • Bar: Having an outdoor bar is definitely a patio essential. It’s more appealing to customers and it also doubles the efficiency of orders since you are able to split up orders. During warmer months, many customers love having the option to sit at outdoor bars, so be sure to also have bar stools on the patio.  
  • Fire Pit: Not many restaurant patios have fire pits, however, they are becoming more and more popular. These are great to have because you can use them all year round, regardless of the weather. They’re great for sitting around in the summer, primarily in the evenings, chatting and drinking with friends. And of course, they’re nice to have in the winter, since they keep customers warm.  They’re fairly easy to maintain and you can either install a wood fire pit or an electric one. While both are great options, the space on your patio will most likely determine which one you can have. Before buying anything, be sure to shop around and properly measure your space to find the one that works best for you.   
  • Event Space: While this, of course, isn’t a necessity, having extra space on your patio for events can be great for your business. This space can be used for bands, meet and greets, and other group events. This is a win-win situation for both the restaurant and the guests. The guests have the opportunity to enjoy some live entertainment, and the restaurant owners make more money because there are more guests. This is ideal for the summer months when the weather is pleasant. 
  • Patio Walls for Winter: To make the most of your patio space, investing in some temporary walls and a roof for your patio could be great. This is best in the winter, when indoor seating is limited, or if you have a large customer base who smokes. This can allow people to eat ‘outside’, but in a comfortable way. 

Having any, or all, of these items on your restaurant’s patio will truly escalate your guests’ experiences at your restaurant. Even though they’re not all necessary, they add something different, which makes your restaurant stand out.