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Best Casino Table Games To Play

There is a variety of casino games  where you can win money and enjoy them from home.


Also called “21”, this thrilling casino game in which one or more players face the bench at a blackjack table. Each player receives a card face up at the same time that the dealer or dealer also shows a card.

If we talk about the Blackjack rules then it’s about getting 21 points or the closest to that score using two or more cards. The perfect play or BlackJack is achieved with 21 points with just two cards and is in turn, the best-paid play 3: 2. That is an ace and a ten or figure (J, Q or K).

In this game, we highlight the strategic component and the possibility of exploiting the use of techniques such as Basic Strategy that has become one of the most effective blackjack tricks to earn money and recover part of the player’s disadvantage against the bank. If you need more strategies then check the Blackjack Strategy guide.

Caribbean Poker

In Caribbean poker, the player plays against the bank. In any case, Caribbean poker is another of the most popular casino games. It is played against the bench and after placing the bet, each player receives 5 cards. The bank represented by the dealer also receives 5 cards, but unlike the players who receive the 5 covered cards (only the player can see them), the dealer shows one of those 5 cards (the last one) uncovered.

For example, you will keep the bets of all players that do not exceed you. And in the event that any player exceeds it, the initial bet will be paid plus the move made by the player, following a table that goes from a pair or less that is paid 1: 1, two couples that are paid 2: 1 and up to the ladder real that is paid 100: 1.

The dice

Among the traditional casino games we find the dice, also called craps and that have great popularity in the US casinos. However, it is not the name of most played casino games in Europe, nor on the internet. That is why we place it in the sixth position. The funny thing is that it is one of the games in which players play with each other and can have more fun.

It is said that in World War II, soldiers spent some of the dead hours betting among themselves through this game. In the dice or craps, a player must throw two dice and the bettors are going to bet on the result of that throw. We know by logic that the sum of the two dice is going to give a number between 2 and 12 and that they will be precisely the most difficult sum to produce, it is necessary to go out twice once or twice six, respectively.

The opposite of 7 will be the most likely result since 7 is the result of 6 + 1, 5 + 2 and 4 + 3. It is a game that offers a wide variety of bets which ensures a lot of fun in the room.


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