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Benefits of Application Performance Monitoring (APM)


Application performance monitoring (APM) is the primary source of guidance when it comes to managing application performance and ensuring availability to end users. With the right APM  solutions and a systematic approach to resolving performance issues, businesses can focus on innovation and strategy while keeping their customers happy.

While experience has shown that APM alone is not enough to ensure smooth business application performance, the practices surrounding the tools determine whether an organization is successful or not with APM. Here are the key benefits of application performance monitoring.

Enhanced End-User Experience

In today’s highly-competitive marketplace, users expect an outstanding experience every time they use your applications or access your website. A single application malfunction could easily translate to lost customers. If the problem is not resolved or keeps coming back, your business reputation is at stake.

According to https://stackify.com/what-is-apm/, the primary benefit of APM is to enhance end-user experience. An effective APM solution helps you identify performance and availability issues before they impact the end-user. The performance data collected also provides insights into how you can improve and maintain user experience and satisfaction.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Businesses, especially those in the e-commerce sector depend on the functionality and the performance of their applications to ensure smooth operation. This also has an impact on sales, and ultimately the overall business revenue. Regardless of what applications you use, having an APM solution that continuously monitors and diagnoses your application performance is critical.

Maintaining smooth application performance for critical business applications and IT systems is the key to driving business growth. This alone has a significant impact on business sales and revenue, boosted by reliable and effective APM solutions.

Website Continuity

By integrating an application performance monitoring tool into your IT infrastructure, your business could easily reduce downtime by up to 70%. The heart of any organization is its IT services and solutions. APM benefits you in three ways:

  • By verifying that the core services of your business maintain the expected levels of performance and availability required by end users.
  • By enhancing your IT department’s capabilities to troubleshoot existing performance issues and to identify any potential future problems.
  • By promoting the safe implementation of application upgrades and tweaks without sacrificing the performance and dependability of your application or website.   

Businesses that invest in advanced-level APM tools enjoy faster and more effective troubleshooting capabilities, meaning reduced time in discovering issues and implementing the proper fix. Organizations have to be smart with how they adapt digital technology to meet the expectations of today’s connected customer.

Increased Productivity

Recent market research has also shown that businesses that embrace application performance monitoring for their IT infrastructure are able to reduce diagnostic and trouble-shooting man-hours by up to 59% a month. With reduced time dealing with application performance issues, IT departments can implement other critical monitoring services and changes.

An hour less spent dealing with troubling business systems and applications is a step closer to creating a stable business operational environment, which directly translates into higher productivity for your workers, smoother business operation and happy customers.

APM Best Practices

Realizing true application performance monitoring results requires you to implement key APM best practices including:

  • Monitoring end-user response time of your applications
  • Upping your game in transaction monitoring of your applications
  • Monitoring third-party services of your applications
  • Monitoring your mobile applications
  • Monitoring your cloud applications

Being able to handle performance related issues for critical business applications is one of the most important benefits of end-to-end monitoring. Deploying application performance management solutions for your business applications helps your business improve the end-user experience which is at the core of your business operations.

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