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Beef Brisket Recipe (Video Recipe)

This slow-cooking cut is also perfect for homemade pastramislow-cooked Barbacoa beef, and Corned Beef, and they’re really fun (and so delicious) to make from scratch, too!

Beef Brisket is THE BEST WAY to enjoy this incredible cut of beef. Every part of this recipe is bursting with flavor— the meat, the dry rub, and our amazing homemade BBQ sauce, which all get infused into the brisket during the slow roast. Now, don’t be overwhelmed by the number of spices we need, because most of these are common pantry ingredients.

What is a brisket?

Brisket is a type of meat cut that comes from the breast or lower chest of beef or veal. It’s a tougher cut with lots of connective tissues, which makes it absolutely perfect for slow cooking. Also, the low and slow heat melts those tissues down to give you super tender meat. This cut also has a unique quality— it can be both sliceable and tender at the same time, unlike other cuts which can only be shredded once they get soft.

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What cut of meat is similar to brisket?

No meat cut comes close to the beefy flavor and sliceable quality of brisket, but for this recipe, you can swap it with a blade roast or chuck roast.

Oven roasted beef brisket ingredients

For the meat:
  • Brisket: We recommend using organic, grass-fed beef with lots of marbling for the best flavor and tenderness.
  • Broth: We’re braising the meat in beef broth, but you can also use homemade chicken stock or veggie in a pinch.
For the seasonings:
  • Powdered seasonings We’re using garlic and onion powder, plus mustard powder for a little tang and smoked paprika. In addition, cayenne or chili adds optional heat, while cumin infuses the meat with a warm, earthy flavor and a lovely aroma.
  • Brown sugar: For a hint of sweetness, and to encourage caramelization all over the surface.
  • Ground peppers: Cracked white, black, and red peppers add a great texture to the crust plus complex spice.
  • Olive oil: Helps all the seasonings stick to the crust.
Braising sauce:
  • Sauces: We’re combining BBQ sauce, ketchup for a subtle tomato flavor, plus Worcestershire and apple cider vinegar for tang. A little soy sauce adds a ton of umami and salt.
  • Garlic: Minced fresh garlic makes for an incredibly fragrant sauce.
  • Sweeteners: Molasses and brown sugar both add sweetness and encourages caramelization

How to make juicy beef brisket from scratch?

    1. Combined the spices
      First, whisk the spice mix together, and rub it all over the meat.
    2. Roast for the first hour
      Next, place the spiced beef on the tray. Pour broth into it, and then roast for 1 hour at 350F, covered in foil.
    3. Roast for another 3-4 hrs on LOW
      Bring down the oven to 300F and continue roasting for 3 to 4 hrs., or until the meat is really tender.
    4. Broil
      Raise the oven heat to 400F. Brush the meat with the BBQ sauce mixture and broil up to 10 mins until the crust starts to get caramelized. Brush with another layer of sauce and broil until the edges get charred. Afterward, take it out and rest for around 10 mins.
    5. Serve
      Slice the meat and serve with the rest of the BBQ sauce.
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