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Be Aware of Car Accidents Caused by Special Hazards


Sometimes, accidents are your fault. Other times they are the fault of other drivers. There are many accidents that are caused by special hazards, such as weather and construction.

Common Hazards on the Road

When you’re driving, you need to be vigilant. In addition to looking out for other drivers, you also need to look out for certain hazards. Here are some of the most common hazards you might encounter:

1. Road Deterioration

According to an Atlanta personal injury attorney at Cambre and Associates, road deterioration is a common cause of accidents. Over time, roads and bridges start to show signs of wear and tear. Although most local governments try to maintain the infrastructure, they don’t always get to the problem in time.

When a road or bridge deteriorates enough, it can be a hazard to drivers. Large potholes can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Loose road debris could get caught under your tire and make you lose traction.

There is a reason for road deterioration to be so common. Before road repair can occur, there needs to be a source of funding. If there is no funding, the repair won’t occur. In some cases, the funding could run out before crews can finish the project. Either situation has the same result – a road that is a hazard to drivers.

Roads only have a lifespan of approximately 20 years. Once a road passes that age, the need for repairs becomes more frequent. Maintenance isn’t enough to get the job done, and you could be at risk.

2. Construction Debris

Even when the roads are safe, there is another special hazard to consider. Construction debris could be lurking on the road.

In the US, about 23% of construction fatalities are cars that hit pedestrian construction workers. In addition to looking out for construction workers, drivers need to be wary of loose debris.

When construction crews take on a road-side project, they often create a mess that can result in an accident. Winds often blow the debris onto the roads, making obstacles for drivers. When those obstacles appear on roads with high-speed limits, the danger is even greater.

Avoiding construction debris on a highway can be a nightmare. In an effort to avoid a stray cone, you could bump into a median. You need to react to the obstacles, and the result is often an accident.

3. Bad Weather

The Federal Highway Administration believes that about 21% of vehicle crashes occur because of bad weather. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, you and your vehicle could be in danger.

There are many weather-related events that can cause accidents. When heavy rains occur, visibility is limited. You might not be able to see the road clearly. Furthermore, the slippery conditions also make driving more dangerous.

High winds can also contribute to accidents. As the wind picks up, debris can fly across the road. Trucks are likely to lose some of their cargo. As the road becomes littered with debris, you could find yourself in the midst of a bad situation. The wind could also push your vehicle around, which makes driving even more difficult.

Coping with These Hazards
  • Accidents can be inevitable.
  • Avoid driving too far over the speed limit.
  • When you’re in a construction zone or driving in inclement weather, drive slowly.