Ashley Madison: Dozens of Teachers, Deputies, Municipal Workers Used Work Email Addresses to Access Cheaters Website!


By Jose Lambiet,, for, Aug 25, 2015 – WEST PALM BEACH — Doesn’t anybody work in this state?

A review of the recent Ashley Madison information dumps shows 57 email addresses from Florida government workers, sheriff’s deputies and teachers among the 32 million pieces of information hacked by a mysterious group hell-bent on showing that, no matter what we’re told, nothing ever vanishes from the web.

Fifty-seven is not a huge number considering how many horny users the site draws, but the hackers say there’s much more coming.

And so far, Orange County State Attorney Jeff Ashton is the only Florida elected official who admitted to accessing the site, but he said he just looked and never consumed the forbidden fruit.

Why is the email address of Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser in Ashley Madison dump?

As for the 56 other Florida public servants who turned up on Ashley with addresses and left sweet nothings to attract mates, we’ll keep their names to ourselves because we’re not into breaking up marriages gratuitously.

Still, here’s the 411:

— Three Palm Beach County Sheriff’s employees used their @pbso email addresses to troll for sex. One is an Internal Affairs investigator who wrote: “My perfect match is someone willing to meet for sex. Someone willing to let it all go for a few hours.” We reached out to PBSO for comment, but we have yet to hear back.

— Four workers from the School District of Palm Beach County ended up in the data dump. Two are teachers and two support staff. “Good looking,” one of the teachers wrote on his profile. “Young, open-minded and looking for a sex slave,” a support staffer wrote. We contacted the schools spokesperson and we’re waiting for an answer.

— Hillsborough County Public Schools have the dubious honor of being the taxpayers-funded entity with the most employees in Ashley Madison, with a total of eight. “I like it up the butt,” one Tampa teacher wrote on her profile. When we called the school district for comment, the answer was: “What’s Ashley Madison?”

— One Delray Beach and two Boca Raton city employees used their work emails to look for a bang, or two

— Three employees of the state’s Department of Transportation are in the hacked data, including a woman saying “I just wanna be me.”

— And the lone employee of the state’s consumer watchdog Public Service Commission who used his work email address couldn’t have been watchdogging much when he wrote: “Married but looking for a female for meaningful relationship.”