As New Horizons approaches Pluto, here are some facts about the planet (Video)

By Terri Lynn,, Managing Editor, July 8, 2015 – The eyes of the planet Earth are glued to the heavens above as NASA’s New Horizons mission continues on a track to the planet Pluto hoping to get information to answer questions that have been baffling scientists since man started studying the galaxy.

The New Horizons mission is the first of its kind to explore the icy bodies that are found beyond Neptune. Scientist believe that these planets reflect what other’s including Earth, were like before the planets condensed.

Scientific models are still trying to figure out how Pluto (the Dwarf Planet) wound up where it is in the solar system. They want to know how did Pluto get so far from the sun?  They want to know more about the large strange shapes known as “the whale,” “the donut,” and the bright white spot on the planet.

These and other mysteries of the galaxy may be explained as the New Horizons mission advances closer to Pluto in anticipation of its July 14 flyby.

Video courtesy NASA’s New Horizons mission

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