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Americans Eat An Average Of 3 Hamburgers Weekly, Or 50-Billion Yearly

National Hamburger Day on May 28th wraps up National Burger Month and also ushers in summer grilling season.

  • The world’s largest hamburger was prepared on September 2, 2012, in Carlton, Minnesota by Black Bear Casino Resort and weighed in at 2,014 pounds.
  • It is most likely that the hamburger sandwich first appeared in the 19th or early 20th centuries, but there is much controversy over its origin. Over the years, the hamburger has become a culinary icon in the United States.
  • The term hamburger originally derives from Hamburg, Germany‘s second-largest city. In German, Burg means “castle”, “fortified settlement” or “fortified refuge” and is a widespread component of place names.
  • The exact origin of the hamburger may never be known with any certainty.
  • The Library of Congress credits Louis Lassen, a Danish immigrant, owner of Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut as the creator of the hamburger as we know it.
  • The hamburger gained national recognition at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair when the New York Tribune referred to the hamburger as “the innovation of a food vendor on the pike”.
  • White Castle is the oldest burger chain in America. It was started in 1921 by Walter A. Anderson and E.W. Ingram who sold their burgers for 5 cents a piece.
  • On average, Americans eat three hamburgers a week. That’s a national total of nearly 50 billion burgers per year.
  • If all Hamburgers eaten by Americans in a year are arranged in a straight line, it would circle our Earth 32 times or more!
  • McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries.
  • According to the Oxford English Dictionary, hamburger was first abbreviated to burger in 1939.
  • The Hamburger hall of fame is located in Seymour, Wisconsin. It celebrates hamburger history.
  •  60% of sandwiches sold globally are actually burgers
  •  In 2008, Burger King released a meat-scented cologne called “Flame.”
  • You can order a Land, Sea and Air Burger off of McDonald’s secret menu.
  • The Economist has an indicator of the purchasing power of a country measured in how many Big Macs could be bought in that country with $50 USD – The Big Mac Index.
  • The Big Mac had two previous names: “aristocrat” and “blue ribbon burger”, both of which failed in the marketplace.


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