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Amazing Ombre Hair Color Tips to Try This Year

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Winning Looks with Ombre Hair Color Ideas

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We have witnessed several hair trends come and go. However, the ombre color remains. So, what makes it always stay? Well, the trick is simple; this shade is simple. The roots are maintained dark, and as it approaches the tips, it becomes lighter. You can also style it the other way round; start with light shade at the roots and become black as it approaches the trimmings.

It is a gradient shading technique that is quite prevalent in the hair world, and the reason is obvious-this hair technique not only offers you endless possibilities, but it is also easy to accomplish. Before going to your stylist for your next hairstyling, here are some ombre hair looks you should consider. Possibly, you would want to try one this time. Good luck!

1. Red Ombre Locks.

When you see these red locks, you will definitely know it is for ladies who want to create a bold statement. Whether you have been wearing red manes all through, when you wear this, you will feel like it is the first time you are rocking red shade. It is an excellent way to keep your appearance bright and bold. You don’t want your red to be dull, and the right choice of color will keep you shining for the whole week.

2. Red Blonde Ombre

Want to embrace something beyond the usual ombre style? Then you want to choose blend tips since they complement your red hair so well.  Tell your stylist to maintain the hair shade vibrant at the top and then fade it as she approaches the bottom.

Red curly manes are magnificent for revealing this red blonde ombre hair shade because the curls can expose all of the colors.

3. Golden Blonde Ombre

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Who said a high contrast ombre hair shade should appear so ash? It doesn’t have to, and this hairstyle is a classic example to prove that wrong. Tell your stylist to style dark brunette base at the crown, then blend it into a blonde hair shade.

This is an excellent style for natural blondes who want to rock blonde, but they are not willing to embrace the entire look. Ombre is always an excellent option for them.

4. Gunmetal Gray Ombre

The most straightforward to stand out and be noticed is by embracing gunmetal gray. It is an ideal color combination for cool brunettes, see more on Pinterest.

5. Rose Gold Ombre

If you want to amp up your dark locks a bit, and you are not ready to go completely bold, let your colorist come up with a gradient with your hair hue by maintaining the crown dark and including rose gold hair hue to the tips. You can as well help maintain the flyways of your hair under control by spraying your hair.

6. Ashy Brown Ombre

Sometimes you may want to refresh your locks, but you are not sure of what to do to achieve that. If you find yourself in this state, opt for the cool side of your hair shade spectrum and choose the ashy brown ombre hair color. It is an excellent and hustle-free way to showcase your natural light brown hair hue, but allowing you to try out varying colours at the tips. Maintain your locks sleek is a superb way of showing off the gradient, which is fundamental in this style.

7. Ombre And Highlights

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Do you rock highlights but you want to maintain them away from your hair base? Well, tell your hairstylist to include dimension to your ombre hair with some highlights. It blends the lighter hair shade at the tips with the darker base and utilizes face-framing highlights to give life to your dull hair. Since the highlights are added from further down, it adds a more natural and sun-kissed impact.

8. Icy Blonde Ombre

This icy blonde is appealing to the eye, and you can see why. This hairstyle incorporates a lot of contrast because it begins with almost dark roots at the base and then fades into ash brown in the middle and then icy blonde at the tips. There is so much happening in this hair shade. The transition is well calculated to achieve the desired impression.