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Alert! Another Major Retailer Reports A Data Breach


Data breaches seem to be inevitable these days. If you’ve ever swiped your card at a store or ordered anything online, you’re risking your data being stolen.

Major retailers have been hit with data breaches since more information has gone up online and more computers have been used. Around Christmas 2013, Target was hit with a major data breach, exposing about 70 million records. Michael’s also acknowledged a breach, and most recently Walmart leaked the data of 1.3 million shoppers.

Now, Macy’s is reporting an exposure involving its online shopping network.

For about two months, until the middle of June, customer records were being used at its online site. Macy’s said the login data was gathered from somewhere other than Macy’s.

From April 26 to June 12, the third party was using valid usernames and passwords to gain access to the customers’ accounts. Macy’s says unauthorized parties were able to access customer names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates and debit or credit card numbers with expiration dates. Macy’s said CVV numbers on the backs of credit cards were safe, as were Social Security numbers.

Kim Komando, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, July 10, 2018