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Alcohol in Sports: Effects on Performance and Fitness Levels

Most people across the world love drinking alcohol. Every time people want to make merry or celebrate something, they will indulge in drinking.

In athletics and sports, drinking comes in as a leisure activity. It is common to find players drinking in a bar, especially after scoring the victory trophy. But the greatest concern most people have is whether or not alcohol can affect an athlete’s performance.

What is Alcohol?

This is an intoxicating liquid made from the fermentation of various sugary and starchy substances like fruits, corn, potatoes, cane sugar, or anything else. It can either be enjoyed that way or distillation can be done to get the spirit alcohol. When consumed, depending on the amount, people feel drunk because it affects the brain.

Short-Term Effects of Alcohol on the Body

First of all, alcohol will interfere with the nervous system. That is why a drunk person cannot coordinate their body and will stagger and have affected speech. Further, the brain will become slow and making judgment will be affected. It is not possible to engage in gym or sports activities when you are drunk. 

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The second effect, according to health and fitness experts, is dehydration in the body. Athletes require hydration throughout their exercises for proper functionality of the body.

Even the steroids that athletes buy from the Valkyrie website or any other source require a hydrated body to unleash their full potential.

The effect of dehydration caused by alcohol is felt immediately but can take longer to clear from the body, especially if someone gets addicted.

The third effect of alcohol is having too much energy to metabolize, leaving the athletes with low sugar levels. As we all know, it requires more energy to engage in gym activities and it is not good when all of this energy is taken by something else. Therefore, the performance will definitely go down as the body will be straining.

Long-Term Effects

If you are trying to maintain a lean body and enjoy alcohol frequently, you need to think twice. Alcohol is rich in sugar and consequently calories. You will increase the calorie intake while you affect your training or exercise capabilities at the same time, and the result will be weight and fat gain.


Drinking alcohol can have many negative effects on you. That is why athletes are advised not to engage in alcohol, especially during training season. It’s recommended to not even drink the night before because the hangover makes you feel fatigued and lose concentration on the tasks ahead.