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Actions to Take Following Your Injury


When you are involved in an accident, you must follow the guidelines on how to handle the situation. You are likely to interfere with your compensation if you disregard the proper procedures. A personal injury attorney will be useful in providing all the necessary information on the steps to undertake when involved in an accident.

If you are involved in a car accident, you need to remain calm and follow the outlined process below as you seek compensation. You should collect more evidence that can prove that you were not at fault.

If possible, get witnesses, pictures or videos, and medical records to provide evidence when filing a lawsuit. You will be required to notify the police, your attorney, and the insurance company. Your attorney will give an elaborate step-by-step procedure that needs to be followed after a car accident.

Remain at the Scene

You are expected to stay at the scene of the accident until it is safe to do so. You should remain at the scene regardless of whether you were the one at fault or not. Fleeing the site attracts suspicion, and the judge will assume you were running from responsibility.

Ensure the Well-Being of the Driver and Passengers

It is vital to assess the well-being of the driver and passengers. You will be required to identify the occupants who need urgent medical attention. It is essential not to move occupants who are injured since the severity of their condition could be aggravated. You should only let qualified medical personnel attend to the injured persons.

Notify the Police

You need to notify the police immediately after the accident. You are required to give an account of the events that took place before the accident. The police will make a report on the information that you relay to them. The information that you give will be useful when filing for compensation.

Exchange Information

If the other driver is at fault, you will need to collect their names, addresses, driver license numbers, and car plate numbers.

Get Witnesses

You will be required to get witnesses to give their accounts of how the accident occurred. The witness will help in filing a suit to seek compensation for the damages incurred.

Notify the Insurance Company

It will be prudent for you to notify the insurance company of the new developments. You will state the facts correctly since the information will be used in the filing of the lawsuit. It is crucial for you to state who was at fault at the time of the accident.

Medical Reports

If you received any form of treatment, it would be crucial to keep the medical records since this will prove the kind of injuries that you sustained. You will also be required to file the bills to show the expenses incurred.

Pictures and Video

You should take pictures or videos of the car and injured passengers at the scene of the accident if you have a camera. The images will help you prove your case on who was at fault and the damages sustained. 

Notify the Attorney

It would be best if you notified a Montana car accident attorney to file the lawsuit. Your lawyer has the experience in arguing the case on your behalf, thereby increasing the chances of a successful claim. The right accident attorney will explain further details concerning the compensation that is expected.

Early Settlement Offers

Refrain from being tempted into agreeing with early settlements. It is essential to note the early settlements will not be reviewed in the eventuality that your injuries develop further complications at a later date.