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A Complete Guide to Tote Bag Customization


Tote bags are classic in every way. Whether you look at them for their style, versatility, or durability they are very difficult to beat. Their flexibility of customization is what makes them so desirable. It has been liked by women from all walks of life for the sole benefit that it allows them to customize to stand out. It is true that without any personalization, a tote is just another one being used for groceries. To make it special, you have to debunk your creative abilities. We have also provided some tips to help you customize your tote. You can make some of these custom tote bags yourself while others may need some expertise.

  • You can use polka dots to turn your ordinary tote into something unique. Try using different colors to add taste to your bag.
  • Inks matter very much in customization. Try using special inks like glow-in-the-dark and reflective inks to have a modern artistic look.
  • The whole point of customization is about doing something different so try dyeing your bag. You can choose an out-of-the-way, bold color or an amalgamation of sorts.
  • Embroidery is one of the most obvious choices but exquisite nonetheless. However, instead of sticking to common designs, try embroidering textures or other designs of your choice to have a more personalized look.
  • Latest technologies have enabled you to print pictures with details on your bags. Choose a photo-realistic design and use direct-to-garment printing for better results.
  • If you can stitch, try making a horizontal stripes pocket design. You can make the stripes of different colors to have a more cheerful outlook.
  • By using freezer paper, you can carve out designs and paste them into your bag. Start from simple hearts and work your way to the complex.
  • Sometimes a minimalist design works better than complicated ones. Try minimal texts or designs with thin linework for refined looks.
  • If you have a natural rust color tote, try using black ink for designs you want to be printed. No matter the design this black rust color combination seldom goes wrong.
  • If you are a logo fan, like heroes, brands, or organizations, go for printing a logo on your bag. But this will have a rather casual outlook.
  • As the bags come in different sizes, select a long one and have a vertical design printed on it. A thin character printed will look better.
  • You can also use iron-on foil to make designs of your choice and have them sewn or pasted on your bag.
  • If you have any interest in painting and know how to handle brushes, use fabric paint and consider the canvas bag your new canvas. Abstract designs speak volumes too.
  • Everyone has some favorite quotes and sayings. Get an online customization service to have them printed on your bag.
  • Simple print a transfer paper with the design, quote of your choice by using your home printer, and paste it on the tote by using the heat of the iron.


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