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A Basic Guide to Selecting the Right Medical Marijuana

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Cannabis is versatile with a great number of active ingredients. Medical marijuana can be used to treat and prevent countless health conditions. It’s essential to gather some information about the different ways it can improve overall health.

Perhaps you want to start using medical marijuana and don’t know where to start. This guide will come in handy to choose the right product for your needs.

  • Understanding the different strains

Strain classifications can be confusing at times. Confirm that medical marijuana is legalized in your state to be on the safer side. It is usually classified under Sativa or Indica hybrid in dispensaries. One of the factors that can influence the effects of marijuana strains includes the concentration of terpene and cannabinoid.

Let’s briefly take a look at each strain.

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  • Hybrid

This strain contains both Sativa and Indica properties.

  • Sativa

The Sativa strain is ideal for enhancing moods and emotions. It will help you to stay focused and improve energy levels. You can use it during the day without affecting your efficiency.

  • Indica

The Indica strain can go a long way to alleviate pains in the body. Users often relax better after using it.

  • How to choose the right medical marijuana

Although THC is an important part of cannabis, there are other useful components too. THC products are the right option for cancer treatment and chronic pain while CBD works best for epilepsy, anxiety, and insomnia. Check out some of the tips for choosing the best medical marijuana.

1. Get professional help

You can book an appointment with best Miami marijuana doctors once you’ve received a prescription from your doctor. They will ask you some questions before approving your prescription. There is no need to worry as they will help you to choose a product with a safe THC level. Ensure that you use the delivery method you’re comfortable with and store the products properly.

2.  Pay attention to the smell

Marijuana smells differently. Some have a citrus smell while others can smell like diesel. The smell can give a clue to its functionality and effectiveness. Terpene plays a major role in giving each strain a unique smell and determines its effectiveness.

This explains why the strain with high levels of terpenes like Pinene and Limonene has a strong smell of pine and lemon respectively. Such strains often contain Sativa properties. Once you understand the terpenes, you can easily make well-informed decisions when choosing medical marijuana. However, it may time and experience to master this.

3.  Be familiar with the strain names

There is a large variety of medical marijuana available and they go by different names. Understanding the meaning behind each name is a great way to determine the best one for you. For instance, Haze means the marijuana strain has energizing properties, while Purple indicates that it’s a sedative.