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8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health


We hear all the time about how technology is bad for us. Since the introduction of computers, we spend more time sitting at a desk than moving around at work. We have created this sedentary lifestyle that is causing havoc in our overall life.

What if I were to tell you that technology has produced benefits? Would you believe me if I said that technology is good for your health?

Most of you wouldn’t look at first. Well, you may be able to think of a couple of ways that the computer has helped, but you are still stuck on all the negatives that ‘experts’ have shared in the past. The problem with the ‘experts’ is that they are only focused on the negatives. They haven’t looked at so many of the benefits.

So, that’s what we’ll do today. We’ll consider all the ways that technology improves our health. We’ll discuss just how it has boosted results in certain areas of healthcare and what it does for us daily.

Topics discussed: 

  1. Technology Is Everywhere in Medicine 
  2. It Pushes Us to Do More Activity
  3. Better Ability for Communication Between Doctors and Patients
  4. More Ability to Do Research into Problems
  5. There Are Devices That Keep the Body Working as It Should
  6. Better Treatment Options for Various Ailments and Diseases
  7. Improved Prediction of Diagnosis and Life Expectancy
  8. Faster and More Accurate Diagnosis of Conditions

By Positive Health Wellness, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Mar. 30, 2017 

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