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7 Ways To Keep Your Refrigerator Running Smoothly


Of all the appliances that you have in your home, the refrigerator is probably the most important item to maintain and keep running as smoothly as possible. After all, it provides the whole family with nourishment and has to keep working non-stop to keep your food and beverages cool throughout the year.

When you’ve purchased a good refrigerator, it’s essential that you understand how to help it function, ways you can help to maintain its efficiency, and how you can apply a few simple DIY tricks to save money on unnecessary callouts to tradespeople for future repairs and replacements.

To avoid wasting money and making the most of your quality refrigerator, here are the seven best ways to keep it running smoothly and operating properly.

Replacement parts over complete replacements 

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Let’s say you own a recognized quality brand of refrigerator, like a Kenmore. If you experience any issues with your Kenmore refrigerator, you can search online to easily find and stock up on spare replacement parts for Kenmore refrigerators. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be able to fit it yourself by following an instructional video online.

Check the refrigerator’s coils or fans for dust 

Behind your refrigerator are usually fans or condenser coils that help to keep the appliance cool. They can attract dust bunnies and dirt which slows the coils down and prevents them from working how they should. While some modern refrigerators have self-cleaning systems, it’s always worth checking, as you can remove dust and dirt easily by using a vacuum cleaner attachment.

Check the temperature settings 

Your refrigerator and freezer will need to be set to the right temperature to keep them working efficiently and effectively. It’s easy to knock or alter the settings when putting food in the refrigerator or taking food out, so be sure you’re checking it regularly to keep your goods cool without costing you a fortune.

Check the seal of the refrigerator 

While you’re probably aware of the seal on your refrigerator door, you may not realize that it’s supposed to be completely airtight. If gaps occur, the appliance cannot function as it should, and its capabilities will suffer as a result. Check for any obstructions between the refrigerator and the seal to ensure it’s well sealed. 

Replace your water filters 

All appliances that have a water filter need to be replaced regularly. If your refrigerator doesn’t have an indicator that tells you when it’s time to change your water filters, aim to do it every six months or so.

Stock up on goods 

A refrigerator that’s full is using far less energy than an empty one. Fill up your empty shelves with water, food, juice, and anything in between to keep it running smoothly.

Give your refrigerator some space 

Refrigerators need to be well-ventilated and given the space to work properly. This means moving it away from the wall and allowing some space to form. This will keep your appliance cool and avoid overheating when the Summer season approaches.