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7 Ways AI Can Improve Your Business

There’s no stopping technology from invading the business world. We’re talking about positive invasion here. Whether you’re just starting or have been operating your company for a long time, you know that you can’t do without technology.

Technology is evolving. It keeps growing and growing, providing business owners with countless opportunities.

Speaking of evolution, there’s this groundbreaking technology that a lot of businesses these days can’t do without artificial intelligence (AI).

AI use has grown by 270% in the past four years, according to this report.

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If you haven’t integrated AI in your business yet, now is the time to consider it. Many small businesses think that only large corporations have the means to adopt AI. The thing is that you don’t need to break the bank to implement AI-based technologies. Instead of creating an IT infrastructure to support this technology, you can use existing platforms. These products are inexpensive. They can be funded by using installment loans online and other forms of business financing.

If you aren’t sure how AI can improve your business, consider the following benefits:

Better Customer Experience

There’s one major difference between successful and unsuccessful companies: the former offers excellent customer service.

Data Mining

There are many ways AI can help improve your customer service. One is by creating a personalized user experience. Very soon, businesses will no longer have to ask for customer’s email addresses or other contact information just to create offers that are most relevant to them. AI-based analytics use algorithms to understand a consumer’s preference or interest based on their browsing history, purchasing behavior, and other data.


Another advantage of using AI for customer service is the use of chatbots. This technology eliminates waiting time, which is a common complaint of most consumers. However, it should be used only for solving simple issues like account updates, order/shipping status, booking, or cancellations. Human intelligence should still be the major source of answers and solutions, particularly in complex issues.

Customer Engagement

Furthermore, AI can drive engagement among your customers by predicting consumer behavior. For example, you can use it to determine whether the user is willing to buy your product or switch to another brand. This gives you time to revisit or change your strategy to retain your customers (e.g. provide better deals).

Consumer Behavior Analysis

AI-based applications are widely used for data collection. You know how important data is for your business. AI doesn’t just collect basic information like contact details, locations, and demographics. It can also track and record patterns in which a consumer interacts with his or her device. This is a breakthrough in the marketing world as it opens up doors to better customer engagement, more leads, and higher sales conversions.

Streamlined Processes

AI can also be integrated into business operations, from recruitment to production. In recruitment, many companies use AI virtual assistants to screen applicants, facilitate tests, and schedule interviews. In production, robots and AI-based equipment enable speedy manufacturing of goods while maintaining quality and consistency.

System Automation

Artificial intelligence also provides practical benefits to other aspects of your business. For instance, automation solutions can increase productivity and efficiency by freeing employees from repetitive tasks. Furthermore, AI-powered automation also promotes accuracy and lowers costs. Meanwhile, AI-powered data provides valuable insights for sales and marketing teams.

AI-powered Robots

Robots are also taking over many tasks these days. In some countries like Japan, human-like robots now serve as receptionists in hotels or as waiters in restaurants. These AI-powered machines can do many things, from taking orders to handling bookings, and even answering simple customer questions. What’s more, they are capable of speaking in different languages.

Artificial intelligence has totally shaped the present and future of the business world. While it does not replace human intelligence, you can leverage this technology to grow your business.