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7 Tips from Top Businesspeople: Secrets To Successful Business


The world’s richest businesspeople followed some guidelines to achieve success in their business. Here is what they talk about to be a successful businessman in this era of neck to neck competition where even strives to be the best. 

1.      Strive for Simplicity

According to Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, simplicity is what we strive for ourselves. Technology is becoming more complex, and simplicity has been one of the reasons why people are drawn to business.

The unnecessary complexity of network tools, various devices, and computers is a problem that is necessary, but very difficult to solve. Success will come with simplicity. Therefore, focus on things that make life easier for others.

2.      Let Social Media Be Social

The most important thing is to stay true to what is valuable in the eyes of your community, said Chris DeWolfe, the Co-founder of Myspace. You can’t just impose yourself on people and try to sell something they don’t need. That’s generally good advice for sellers, but especially for community-based sites like MySpace. It would help if you look for a way to improve the lives of people but also that would not contradict your essence.

3.      Build Trust

Over the past 10-15 years, the rules of the game regarding brand building have changed significantly. Where companies once spread their influence through traditional marketing, the company’s loyal customers now seek a strong emotional relationship with it. According to Howard Schultz, the Chairman of Starbucks, it is the most important feature of a business is trust. Trust your employees and trust your customers.

To build trust among the consumers, you should focus on the reputation management of the business. Rely on the feedback of the people and ensure that they get what your business promises.

4.      Use Feedback

According to Chad Hurley the Co-Founder of YouTube a business should launch its product or service for a test run. See how people react to it before you make a business plan. Give people something they can use, and get ideas from there. Listen to user feedback. When you start developing, don’t assume you know all the answers.

5.      Money Should Not Be the Only Focus

There must be a reason behind why you are doing a particular business, said Stewart Butterfield, the co-founder of Flickr. You should really like what you do. The business must be based on some idea. This doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be about profit. But if that’s the only reason why you’re working, it usually doesn’t work.

6.      Use Gender Equality to Your Advantage

According to Brad Anderson, the CEO of Best Buy, women are changing the rules of the game in the consumer electronics market and 90 percent of the time they influence purchasing decisions.

Pay attention to what the women in your company think. They are a real treasure for you. Most companies don’t notice what employees are thinking. But their ideas can help you to make the business better.

7.      Turn Your Passion into An Empire

The most important thing for making your business successful is the passion for it. According to Rachael Ray, if you are passionate enough about the business, nothing in this world would be able to stop you. Therefore, stick to the goal and keep working hard.

Once the business starts to grow, with the help of press release distribution, try to expand the reach. This will help to turn your passion into an empire. Only with the help of customers, this dream can be fulfilled.