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7 Popular Cheese Types That You Should Know

You’ve probably known the more popular types of cheese such as cheddar, Gouda, parmesan, and mozzarella. But you’ll be surprised to know that there are as many cheese varieties that you can use in one of these ten slicers for cheese.

In fact, there are hundreds (even thousands) of cheese types that can be found in the different parts of the world. Every country has its own unique cheese version and every dairy can recreate this dairy product to their liking. If you’re a culinary aficionado, cheese is among those food products that will never run out of surprises.

There are a number of factors that differentiate cheeses. Among these are the length of aging, milk source, processing method, dairy content, fat content, country of origin, texture, and consistency. Cheese can also be classified as firm or creamy, fresh or aged, conventional or artisanal, and more.

Using different kinds of cheese can give your recipes a unique flavor. You can experiment on them to create the best dishes just like these fun recipes at MamiCookingTips.com.

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To help you choose the right cheese, here are some of the most popular cheeses that are worth trying in your recipe.


Commonly used in burgers and sandwiches, cheddar is an everyday staple and is available in your local grocers. This cheese type is crumbly and dry in texture, with a nutty, deep, tangy taste. The color ranges from ivory to deep yellow, depending on its aging. Aside from its popular uses, cheddar is also used in casseroles, cheese sauces, mac and cheese, salads, quiches and veggie pies.


Top cheese connoisseurs love parmesan. This granular cheese variety comes with a bitter, nutty, and strong taste. You only need a sprinkle of parmesan to add flavor to your dishes.

Parmesan is used in risottos and soups but is most popularly grated over pasta. Some prefer to munch on parmesan as a snack or melted in cheese sauces. You can also add it in your breading mix, especially for chicken or meat. There are many other sumptuous ways to use parmesan – and its fun to explore.


Among the cheese varieties, mozzarella is a top pick and is popularly used by chefs for pizza, pasta and other dishes. It originated from southern Italy and is traditionally made from buffalo milk. Whitish fresh mozzarella comes as balls with varying sizes – feline (1-gram size) to ovoline (113-gram size). There are also large mozzarellas that are prepared as pound logs or half-pound balls. Aged cheese or low-moisture mozzarella has a buttery color and is firm.

Mozzarella is best enjoyed with coarse salt, a drizzle of olive oil, and pepper. It’s less salty and slightly lactic or acidic taste. This cheese is the go-to for fresh salads, sandwiches, and pizzas.

Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese can be easily mistaken for Emmentaler cheese because of its striking similarity. This cheese type is medium-hard, yellow-colored and riddled with ‘eyes.’ There is also Swiss cheese without holes, known as ‘blind’. Among the cheese types, Swiss is the most popular in America. Swiss cheese has a nut-like, sweet and mild flavor which makes it perfect for sandwiches, frittatas, omelets, soufflés, pies, fondue, cheese sauces, and even melted on meats.


Made from cow’s milk, Gouda is semi-hard to hard cheese variety is popular around the world. As Gouda ages, its texture and flavor changes which is what many cheese connoisseurs want. It has a sweet, strong flavor.

Aged Gouda is best grated over casseroles or grated in salads, while young Gouda can be melted over dishes. Some prefer to snack on it along with fruit juice, wine, or beer.


Emmentaler looks like Swiss cheese but it tastes differently. It has a sweet, mild, slightly spicy, and nutty flavor. Although it is versatile and can be used on a variety of dishes, it is mostly used in casseroles, cordon bleu, grilled cheese, and fondue.


Originating from north-eastern France, brie is derived from soft cow’s milk. It has a characteristic pale color with grayish tinge beneath the rind of white mold. It tastes more like Camembert with its grassy, fruity, nutty flavor. Some find brie overly acidic with a bit of tang and butter.

Brie combines well with meat recipes. But it can also be spread over bread or baguette. It can also be baked and served along with apples and honey for a sweet, salty dish.


This cheese type is made with goat and sheep milk. Feta is a white brined cheese, with a tangy and salty flavor. It is moist with a texture that can go from crumbly to moderately creamy. The crumbled feta is used in roasted vegetables and salads. It can also be added in Mexican cuisines, tacos, and sandwiches. Some prefer to serve feta alongside peppers, olive oil, and freshly baked flatbread.